Another enjoyable and informative week – Customer reviews

Mr Alfred E.
I am very pleased with my experience in the Centre during the training

Mr Reza A.
fantastic week I have learn a out in this week jo was fantastic in

Mr Mark R.
Paul Agnew as always was a real pleasure to have as a tutor , he is
very informative and knowledgeable and very helpful , I thoroughly
enjoyed my week and Paul is a real asset to ERR Watford for sure.

Mr Velizar L.

Mr Thomas C.
very good week enjoyed and learnt lots

Mr John H.
Quality training centre

Mr Mohammed K.
thank you for everything it was perfect

Mr Gary T.
Dave was great!
Thank you so much for your BRILLIANT instruction!

Mr Eduard G.
Great week as usual

Mr Petr Z.
Very happy and confident with this course. Thank you. Great job.
Well done.

Mr Jake K.
thank you very much and see you next time.

Mr Shamildutt C.
Tutor is really good

Mr Shkelqim L.
Thanks John for all the teaching this weekend.

Mr Borislav B.

Mr Andrew C.
Peter was friendly and knowledgeable, centre staff able and willing to
help with any issues arisen.

Mr Mitchel G.
very good

Mr Nikolai L.
Everything was nice and enjoyable

Mr Aldrin F.
every thing was good an well trained by the tutor.He was great at
teaching an helping me..

Mr George L.
John is a great guy.makes u feel relaxed and explains everything step
by step.

Mr Bogdan V.
Always a pleasure to do the practical training at this centre.

Mr Sergiu T.

Mr Stephane Z.

Mr Justin W.
I cannot praise John Knox for all his knowledge and help for exam
preparation this week enough….

Mr Andrew H.
very happy managed to get 203 plus the big one 2382 passed

Mr Perry W.
once again great help and information given

Mr Colin B.
very knowledgeable and friendly centre staff and in particular the

Mr Ben W.
Paul has been a fantastic tutor throughout. very knowledgeable.

Mr Gary R.
another enjoyable and informative week

Mr Louis C.
paul was very helpful with helping understanding things in the correct

Mr Maciej N.

Mr Liam I.

Mr Muhammad A.

Traders driven bananas by thieves who peel their vans

Almost 25,000 people have signed a petition demanding the Government gives the police the tools they need to halt a crime ‘craze’ which trades people say is putting their livelihoods  under threat.

Thieves are using a trick to peel thousands of locked van doors ‘like bananas’.The gangs are using  simple brute force to break in to builders’ vans and steal the tools of their trade.

The technique is simple – the thieves grab the top of the van’s back or side doors and use    their knees to apply pressure. They then pull the doors open from the top ‘like tins of sardines’.

Lee Watts, from West Bromwich, who started the petition after becoming  a victim of van peelers, said: “Our Government must look strongly into the growing problem of tool theft from vans and must impose much tougher penalties on those convicted of these crimes. Not only that but I will also be looking for our Government to put stricter guidelines and laws in place for selling second hand tools.”

Lee, aged  43, said: “We have got a major problem and it is crippling people. Thieves are targetting work vans and peeling doors off. They are stealing tools and damaging livelihoods. It is affecting families as well. These people are committing crimes.”

The tradesman, who runs Koncept Interiors, said he is determined to get a ‘strong petition’ together.

He said: “I have been targeted myself and had tools stolen, I know how difficult that is to recover from for a business.

“We just don’t get enough help, I don’t blame the police, I think the courts need to take more action and give out stronger sentences to these people.

“These aren’t petty crimes, this is a big thing and these thefts are organised in groups.

“I am going to get a strong petition together and at the very least raise awareness of how serious this problem is.”

It is an increasing problem for all tradesmen and women. It takes years and a expense to build up a tool kit and a van.

Lee said: “More and more people are being affected by this crime and it needs to be stopped. I want this petition to reach Parliament to demand new laws that impose a minimum two year sentence on those convicted of vandalising vans and stealing tools. Also, we need a system that ensures any victim will be reimbursed for their loss in full immediately to enable that person to carry on working.”

Other campaigners Spencer Hargrave and Paul Butterfield, who run a building firm, said the crime has increased in the UK this year.

They estimate five such crimes are taking place each day – with thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen.

Spencer, aged 38, from Leeds, said police call the trick ‘peek and seek’.

“People have described it as like peeling a banana or opening a tin of sardines,” he said.

It means they can go round without any tools to break into vans so if they get caught they can’t get done for being equipped.”

He said the best way to stop the weakness in the doors is to add extra locks or reverse so the doors aren’t on show.

Landscaper Adam Smith, 41, from Lincoln, estimates the total cost of the thefts has reached almost £578,000.

Adam said he had made manufacturers aware of the problem: “It is an epidemic of massive proportions and most tradesmen have been affected.

“It is a huge problem in our industry.”

Lee’s petition states: “Our Government must look strongly into the growing problem of tool theft from vans and must impose much tougher penalties on those convicted of these crimes.

“Not only that but I will also be looking for our Government to put stricter guidelines and laws in place for selling second hand tools.”


Keep up the good work – Customer reviews

Mr Neville M.

The course is brilliant and learned loads new ways of welding with the help of a brilliant instructor.

Mr Joshua D.

Tutor knowelge was to a very high standard

Mr Gabriel S.

great place


Mr Thomas S.

Good weekend with lots of time on the practicals, in good facilities.

Mr Michael K.

Had a good experience and John has a great understanding of the subject which he teaches very well.

Mr Andrei G.

the tutor is a great guy with a lot of experience lovely place

Mr Andy L.

found John vaer helpful during practical tasks

Mr Inderjeet S.


Mr David B.

Gary and Vince both great tutors very knowledgeable, Keep up the good work.

Mr Stephen B.

Great experience!

Mr Hassan A.

Great week gary helped to understand many of the problems I faced and helped with the many questions I had.

Mr Richard C.

Excellent as always!

Mr Max D.

very pleased – centre well organised and john’s a very good tutor.

Mr Baljit S.


Mr Daniel C.

Justin was very knowlegable and helpful. very patient and happy to help.

best tutor so far

Mr Adam C.

definitely the best tutor I have had out of the 3 explained things a lot better

Mr Lorcan M.

very good learning experience. The staff are very helpful and friendly

Mrs Joanne H.

Very happy. Enjoy coming here a lot.

Mr Colin S.

Again another brilliant week. Martin is a excellent tutor always willing to help and very friendly. Cant wait for my final week. Thanks to everyone at the centre.

Mr Christopher F.


Mr Altaf A.

everything was excellent

Mr Christopher G.

The weeks activities where educational and I enjoyed the extra work given. The tutors have been great as always.

Mr Mark B.

great tutor and very knowledgeable. Always there to help no matter how how big or small.

Mr Pawel M.

I spend really good week in centre

Mr Kyle E.

Fantastic, helpful and knowledgeable tutors.

Mr Janos T.

All the staff is GREAT.

Thank you.

Mr Jack C.

good weekend happy with progress

Mr George T.

Steve and Max are great tutors and are always willing to help.

Mr Robert H.

great week

Highly recommended! – Customer reviews

Mr Yihenew A.


Mr Mark H.
Training has been good and I feel happy leaving each day having completed practical assessments. I am not the most practical of people compared to others in the group with trade/on site experience, but am a lot better than when I first started and can see progress. Chris can sometimes see this when he comes in the workshop and shows me vital tips to save me a lot of time as well as show me the correct way to use certain tools which has been highly appreciated.


Mr Peter O.
I appreciate the training and trainer every thing was ok.


Mr Perry W.
I have learnt so much and happy with the progression of my work thanks to the tutor


Mr Benjamin C.
I am more of a practical learner and the Tutor has been very helpful giving me the time in the workshop to ensure I have been able to learn


Mr Adrian H.
the tutor is very helpful and has patients. my English is not very good and he ensures that I understand everything.


Mr Jamie T.
very happy


Mr Valentine D.
had a very good week learnt loads Steve was very helpfull


Mr Allistair H.
Couldn’t have been as successful with all 4 exams and practical work without Steve`s guidance


Mr Robert T.
joe was very helpful and very knowledgeable kind and fendly


Mr James L.
Joanne is a excellent teach really good and easy to understand also friendly. good week thankyou


Mr Slawomir D.
the practical training so far is going exellent


Mr Brian M.
Learned quiet well new skills, keep up the good work


Mr Oliver B.
Looking forward to carrying on


Mr Edmond M.
Tutor is very good at teaching welding. If you having any problem he will help you correct it and learn how to do it.


Mr Stefan B.


Mr Johnson C.
The centre staff were welcoming.
my tutor Bob Reddick is excellent and very knowledgeable and has individual approach, great advice , positive attitude and always ready to help.
highly recommended.


Mr Samuel M.
I am happy


Miss Taylor-Ann C.
good tutor.


Mr Daniel F.
John was very helpful and was there to answer questions when needed.


Mr Faruku N.
John is so helpful ,and he gives attention to whomever approaches him for help.


Mr Peter G,
Excellent centre and staff.

Construction Skills Network Forecast 2018 – 2000


Estimated number of trade’s workers needed between 2018 to 2022:

Wood trades and interior fit-out: 520,580

Electrical trades and installation: 380,000

Plumbing and HVAC Trades: 329,530

Plasterers: 103,850


  • Industry must collaborate on a range of skills and recruitment challenges.
  • UK construction needs to boost apprenticeships and work placements.
  • Turning to the challenges posed by Brexit, industry must refresh its approach to training, focusing on recruiting a UKbased workforce.
  • Housing remains an industry priority. In last November’s budget the Chancellor pledged to increase the annual rate of housing building from 217,000 to 300,000. This report shows that housing output, both public and private, will expand at a reasonably robust rate to 2022.
  • Encouragingly, growth looks more balanced and, vitally, sustainable. This year, although it’s still set to grow faster than other sectors, we are expecting the housing sector to make greater contribution.

ON THE JOB – Higher than the national average



These are the jobs you need if you want to earn a salary higher than the national average.

You’re likely to be better off to the tune of £2,000 with these highly-skilled roles By Carl Stroud 12th February 2018, 9:35 am Updated: 12th February 2018, 11:52 am TRAINEE plumbers, electricians and bricklayers can expect to earn well above the national average when they are qualified, according to a new study. They will benefit to the tune of £2,000 a year by 2022, research by Screwfix found. Tradespeople including bricklayers can expect to earn well above the national average when they’re qualified.

The DIY chain predicted that the highest earners will be plumbers and electricians, with pay set to reach £31,000.

The average annual salary of a tradesperson will be over £27,500 by 2022, said the report, while the average UK salary is expeted to rise to £25,009.

Graham Bell, chief executive of Screwfix, said: “The research supports our belief that a trade apprenticeship is a strong career choice for young people in this country. “Apprenticeships lead to careers in highly skilled jobs, which are in high demand and therefore attract a healthy, competitive salary.

The average annual salary of a tradesperson is set to be over £27,500 by 2022, according to a new report “For young people starting out they offer a great career choice without the burden of large debts from university fees.” It comes after it was revealed one London plumber earns an astonishing £210,000 a year.

Stephen Fry, 34, lives in millionaires’ playground Kensington, West London, and takes luxury holidays to the Maldives through unblocking toilets and fixing leaky taps.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “Every day is fun. You can go to a place where some woman has water gushing through the ceilings and is crying, so it’s a nice feeling when you stop the water and make her happy.

“I can’t really see myself stopping any time soon, to be honest. I enjoy my work.”

“I’m a worker. I’ll be working till I drop, I think.”

“On a Friday night, when people ask if I want to go for a beer, I am shattered.”

I enjoyed every bit of my training – Customer review

Mr Valentine K.
thank you for helping me to start new carier


Mr William C.
Paul brock is a great person to learn from. he is very good at working at each persons individuels pace.Creating a good learning environment. Well one Paul.


Mr Aidan O.
enjoyable week martin made it easy to understand the workload that was needed at a steady pace.


Mr Michael J.
good lecturer . cant wait for week 8


Mr Richmond K.
I enjoyed every bit of my training. Martin and centre staff were extremely helpful


Mr Jack P.
Enjoyed the week. Could possibly have a couple of sofas in the break out area.


Mr Stelian S.
very pleased again with this training centre and with the people working here and because of their professionalism and their level of preparation I was successfully on passing all exams that I had this week.

many thanks to you all and see you on week 5


Mr Yaser M.
week 4 was a good week and all the staff have been very helpful. Gary has been a very good trainer helpful with all students. the training centre is fine and provide all you need.


Mr Jordan M.
Gary Bailey and the front desk team, have all been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the week


Mr Hamish B.
john had an excellent knowledge and experience


Mrs Samantha B.


Mr William S.
Vince is a great tutor and enjoyed he’s training very helpful when I didn’t understand some things.


Mr Magdi B.
glad to have Vince as my tutor again he is the best, his way of teaching is different and very interesting and he has got a lot of knowledge. always nice to learn and have a laugh at the same time.


Mr Lyuben G.
Vince is top teacher. Explain everything in detail and making sure we know what we do. Helpful and giving us all information we need.


Mr Jonathan W.
Jo was excellent


Mr Scott K.
Steve has a fantastic way of teacher and cant fault him for that.


Mr Alex W.
The centre is well equipped and the facilities very good.
The staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome.


Mr Luke A.
A good environment to learn and great facilities.


Miss Emily G.
Staff and workshop facilities excellent.


Mr Dikani H.


Mr Corey C.
Teaching was informative, welding bays and equipment are good for training in real world scenarios.


Mr Patrick T.
excellent tutor


Mr Joseph B.
both tutors john and pete were excellent and helped with anything you were stuck on


Mr Kris M.
as usual the information given by john was easy to digest and understand.


Mr Jack B.
Brilliant tutor, looking forward to coming back for week 3


Mr George T.
Steve has an extensive background knowledge on the subject which helps with the learning, and himself and Max are always willing to help.


Mr Brad H.


Mr Jordan W.
Training centre is spot on.

What our clients say – weekly update

Andrei S.

Attended week 1 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 20/04/2015

everything was explained perfect by the tutor he reminded me about the college time and how is to learn from the best, I really enjoined to ask questions because he explained it so well and I did not get boring. The best regards to you!


Kevin R.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Steve Baxter commencing 13/04/2015

steve was knowledgable, helpful and it was always prepared to help and encourage. although it is a distance learning theory course he was also able to fill in knowledge gaps or answer questions time permitting. Great week!


Alex H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 07/04/2015

As a former student at OLCI coming over to ERR I am so happy to have made the change. The staff and facilities are miles ahead of former training establishments. Staff are second to non and the course is excellent so far. Very impressed.


Abdul M.

Attended week 4 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 07/04/2015

Excellent support, advice and positive working with students. I have enjoyed week 3 and week 4 and feel more confident than in my first few weeks, the tutor guidance and support helps towards improving self confidence.


Abdul M.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 30/03/2015

I have enjoyed my training this week, thanks to turor support and continous help i’ve managed to complete week 3 with sucess, the tutors are always positive and always willing to bring the best and positive results out of students.


Tahir J.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 16/03/2015

Really enjoyed my first week of training and I have learnt more than I excepted from a brilliant tutor Martin Sherrif.He was really easy to understand and taught me a lot. Also very approachable and friendly.


Michael  A.

Attended week 1 at Basildon with Paul Webster commencing 02/03/2015

Anthony is very professional tutor,calm and patience to put one through work and study. Paul along side Anthony are both helpful. very organised and good people. I will introduce these two tutors to friends and family


Antony R.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 02/03/2015

The week with Martin Sheriff has been a great week very frendly and always takes the time to explain things as clearly as possible been a fantastic practical week looking forward to returning for week 3.


Gordon H.

Attended week 2 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 16/02/2015

David RIX is a professional teacher who has been able to aid me in developing to a high standard of ability allowing me to ask relevant questions to the course work and giving direct feedback to the question supported by examples. This enabled me to place all the information delivered this week into its correct procedural area.


Max I.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Philip Wood commencing 16/02/2015

very much enjoyed this week, tutor made sure that we had all information needed to pass through exams . had very good practical and ‘real world’ knowledge, making it easier to see how the theory related into real terms


Stuart M.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 02/02/2015

I have found the training very helpful and easy to follow. There was a time that I was struggling due to over complicating a task and Mike was helpful towards getting me back on the right track and spent some time after class to help talk me through my issue.


Kyle D.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 02/02/2015

really enjoyed my time here, tutor was easy going and made things easy to understand even when it didn’t click first time and has good patience for us to get it right. looking forward to my next week of practical


Pavlo G.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 26/01/2015

i really enjoy this week. i will be really happy to come back for my week 3 here. im really impress with my tutor Martin Sheriff. my overall 10 from 10 for his hard work this week. thank you. see you next time


Robert H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 19/01/2015

Spot on centre/staff and great help with understanding the issues that I found difficult to get to grips with when reading in books etc. Patient tutor that explains problems in easy to understand English and is always happy to explain if not fully understood.


Nicholas C.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 19/01/2015

Martin is an excellent tutor who is very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, has an excellent sense of humor and in my opinion could not do enough for you. I have learnt so much more through this college tuition than in the months leading up to the college attendance and for that I would like to thank Martin. The way in which the theory is explained by Martin is so much easier to understand and any problems I had Martin was more than happy to help me resolve.


Andrew C.

Attended week 2 at Wolverhampton with Douglas Ferguson commencing 12/01/2015

Douglas and Pete were exceptional tutors very helpful they under took the training at each individuals pace Explained all aspects of the course content very well and always had a smile on there faces which has made week two for me enjoyable and very informative.


Darren G.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 05/01/2015

I had Gary bailey for the first time as my course tutor, who in turn was being assessd Vince. I feel Gary showed an excellent knowledge of the course material and answered all my questions to my understanding. Gary also gave clear and precise instruction for all my practical assessmenst. Vince also has a excellent and complete knowledge of this subject and was willing to help if Gary was busy with another student.


Jackson L.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 15/12/2014

Iam very happy for all the ERR wolverampton.they are friendly all from sarah the manager to phillipa with the technic staff gary.vincent is one of the good teacher with mark, i will no miss to continue my training at this centre because of your generosity.


Krzysztof S.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Robert Ralph commencing 15/12/2014

Once again thank You very much for the training and possibility for me to learn and get wonderful practical skills in plumbing. Many thanks to Bob, Chris and Poul. You are wonderful team. Best regards to You all.


Lakhjeet S.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paula Blanchard commencing 08/12/2014

Paula has been excellent teacher. It has been wonderful experience having training in this centre. Experience at centre has been lot better than expected. Looking forward to come back for my 2nd week next year in January. Thanks to all at the centre.


Christopher B.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paula Blanchard commencing 08/12/2014

Very impressed on my first week at the centre. Paula was on hand to answer any questions I may have had. Being that I already work in the industry I already had some knowledge of what we achieved this week. However there were some aspects that I was unclear on and Paula helped to explain things clearer and give me a better understanding. Thank you, looking forward to Week 2 🙂


Leroy T.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Martyn Thomas commencing 01/12/2014

I have greatly enjoyed my training,the facilities are very good and my tutor tommy crookston has been very help full and unstanding on my work and grest encrangement to do more thank you evryone for your help all the best leroy thomas …


Rishi P.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Raymond Worley commencing 01/12/2014

Ray the tutor was very helpful and encouraging he explained the tasks for the week well and helped us progress through both practicals and exams very well. The admin staff were very helpful with any enquiries we had and helped us as much as we needed.

Happy New Year 2017 – we are glad you enjoyed your experience

Christopher C.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 15/06/2015

paul brock is a fantastic tutor very helpful when help was needed i failed one exam not because of the tutor i rushed it as i needed to use the toilet facilities but when i did fail paul supplied me with the relevant material for revision which was most helpful and i passed the resit over all i am very happy with all of the centres staff and how the whole thing is organised i am looking forward to coming back for the level 3 and renewables and gas part very happy see you all soon


Michelle W.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 15/06/2015

i’m very happy with the way paul teachs, he has a wealth of knowlegde and he can explain things very well in diffrent ways for diffrent understanding. i would definatly recommend this centre and the staff here.


Stefanus F.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 15/06/2015

Neal is a exceptional tutor with a lot of knowledge and experience which I as a student benifited from, It was my first practical experience in the trade and your centre re-assured me that I chose a carreer in which I will excell and enjoy


Jack T.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 15/06/2015

i have developed so much more knowledge and understanding thanks to Neil! he was excellent in explaining and teaching step by step throughout and was always there to help if you needed it!i have very much enjoyed my week 1 of practical training


David B.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 15/06/2015

another fantastic week. Martin is a great tutor and helps whenever he can. he makes learning fun and teaches in a way that helps you absorb the information quickly and easily……..can not wait for week 3 !!!!!


Folorunso A.

Attended week 6 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 15/06/2015

The tutor is well experience way in the he delivers the lectures, he make so interesting and easy to understand. I will personally recommend him further. This is my first time in the centre but he made me love it.


Daniel S.

Attended week 6 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 15/06/2015

I had a good time at the training centre this week. John is an experienced tutor with loads of knowledge about electrical installations and BS7671. He has put a lot effort in to teaching and explaining the course to the students. Thank you John.


Neil H.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 08/06/2015

I was impressed and happy with help and support received from tutors and staff particularly Tom and Julie in what was a hard week trying to catch up with exams I had missed last week and time absent I had to take on Wednesday.


Matthew B.

Attended week 3 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 08/06/2015

john is a very good teacher and he has a very good upstanding of were you are coming from when you get stuck on anything he helps you out has much has he can and I have a lot of time for him p.s john take care from testing boy hay hay if you no what I mean lol


Imy H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 08/06/2015

Very happy with the assessor/ tutor; I am very new to the industry and therefore had no experience whatsoever… the info given to myself was all in understandable terms would appreciate more time repeating the practicals to be more competent…ie wiring lighting circuit again


Cameron H.

Attended week 3 at Featherstone with Paul Webster commencing 01/06/2015

I’ve had more hands on this week and feel more knowledgeable about what we where undertaking. having broken down appliances in the classroom has really helped understand how they work and there part in the appliance itself.


Neil H.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 01/06/2015

The teacher showed great knowledge and made a good effort to ensure everybody got the information needed and the time to gain full understanding of each section and practical task and in a professional and friendly manner


Maurice B.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Martyn Thomas commencing 01/06/2015

The centre is well organised that I am able to start my training on time and there is sufficient time to finish work. The tutor explains well procedures and willing to help. I do hope that I will be able to complete my training well.


Krassimir B.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 26/05/2015

Ian was fantastic.He is an exelent teacher and professional. During my training session I met some difficulties but Ian was always available and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the time spent at the centre.


Nuno C.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 26/05/2015

Mr. Paul Brook always keen to help everybody on the workshop and on the classroom.Short but very good week of training. Good feeling after this work week. Thank you to every centre Teachers and staff .


Peter N.

Attended week 2 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 11/05/2015

The second week of the training was fun again and really enjoyed it. Our tutor Dave has great knowledge and presented everything clear and also in a fun way. The other team members were also great persons. Overall experience is excellent.


Benjamin W.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

The quality of teaching was at a very high level, in particularly the experience of the tutor and his ability to communicate complex ideas as simple ones was second to none. I was also impressed with the practical facilities likeness to real world scenarios.


Andrew J.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

Martin’s style of teaching is what has made this week a very enjoyable one and I am looking forward to my next week in centre, the relaxed style of teaching is commendable and Martin is a credit to your organisation


Edward H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

Martin has been a fantastic trainer, his knowledge is phenomenal and he puts the information across in manageable bite size segments. It is a very good learning environment and I feel as though I have really progressed this week. Very happy with my first week at centre.


Stuart N.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Gary Bailey commencing 11/05/2015

Excellent support from Gary this week. Always on hand to answer any questions and to guide when needed. My thanks to Vince also and to all staff who have always shown professionalism and offered great support. Many thanks guys.


Nicholas B.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 11/05/2015

John took our group through the tasks in hand in a patient,enthusiastic and supportive manner. I felt I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from this week-throughly enjoying the teaching in the process


Vaughn V.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Patrick Sheehan commencing 05/05/2015

I am very happy to be here I find practical very enjoying ,the staff are very helpful and my tutor help and explain to me things that I don’t understand. very happy to be here many thanks to every one.


Jennifer Y.

Attended week 4 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 27/04/2015

Continuing from week 3 I managed to get further ahead and fit in more into the week than I thought I would. I was very happy with the training and answers Neil gave in preparation for the exams. I enjoy being at this centre even though it is far away and I would be happy to come back again for week 5.


Ian B.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Paul Webster commencing 27/04/2015

another good week in centre paul was very good again as he was in the first week i was over here last year in october helping and explaining different tasks where i was having difficulty all in all a very good and enjoyable week .


Hugo H.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

John and Justin (my tutors) for Week 1 were absolutely fantastic, they explained everything well and showed us the practical side of things equally as good as well. I now feel like I have a better understanding of the things in the coursework that I was unsure of


Simon E.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

I have found the training and advice extremely helpful and the assessors very helpful and extremely willing to part with any information requested, I would be very happy to be assessed by this team again and would like to offer my thanks for all they have done to help me on my way


Colin S.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

The two tutors were both knowledgeable and keen to pass on information. Both had a sense of humour that helped the training to be a pleasure not a chore. I personally gained a lot from this week but have realised that there is still a lot to learn.


David B.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 27/04/2015

a very enjoyable week. a very thorough training week with a very qualified tutor and a very fun learning time was had. I was nervous about R1 and R2 tests, as there is only so much you can tread from a book but to be shown at a pace that suited me was very enjoyable and informative. I can not praise the staff highly enough. many thanks.


Allistair H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 27/04/2015

I found my tutor to be very friendly, engaging and helpful and he explained the course to me in an excellent way to which I found more understanding than I have with just my textbooks. I have definitely learned a lot from coming away from this experience which will be put into good practice in my chosen career.


Kevin R.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 20/04/2015

Paul has a wealth of experience which he able to imapart clearly. He he was friendly and extremely helpful and made the course and learning enjoyaqble and invaluable. Great experience and useful moving forward to be qualified.

Galliford Try’s wins £38m regeneration contract

Galliford Try  1

Galliford Try has won a new £38 million contract to regenerate the Brook House site in Tottenham, North London, that will build 222 new homes and boost the trades.

Registered provider Newlon Housing Trust has chosen Partnerships to complete a major new project on the site of the former Cannon Rubber factory.

The project will see the creation of 222 new homes as one, two and three-bed apartments, new commercial space and a new two-form entry primary school capable of accommodating 420 pupils.

The construction phase of the project is to commence in June, with completion expected to be achieved in mid-2015.

Galliford Try Chief Executive Greg Fitzgerald said: “Our record in regeneration projects means we are recognised as a contractor of choice, and we are delighted that Newlon have chosen us to go ahead with this significant project.

“We look forward to working with Newlon to build these community facilities that will bring considerable benefit to the area.”