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Great training week – customer review

We use both traditional and modern methods to train our students to become capable, trustworthy and professional   tradespeople … we teach plumbing, heating and ventilation, gas, electrics, renewables and air-conditioning to people who are getting ready to help construct Britain’s brighter future. We show people of all ages the nuts and bolts of the construction industry, we give them practical on-the-job experience and the opportunity to use the latest in training, including virtual reality.

Yes, we’re very good at what we do  – and so are our qualified students.

Here’s what they have to say

Mr Timothy B.

John was fantastic his knowlage and the way he explained everything ment i could pass all assesments and exams no problem.

Mr David R.

Overall a good job well done

Mr Daniel M.

great training week with john he really knows his stuff

Mr Christopher B.

Exelent knoledge with great practical examples.

Well presented with care to ensure every one is up to speed. 10/10

Mr Lokesh D.


Miss Chene D.

I have found the week intresting from starting off with a poor understanding I am going back with a more clear understanding of what I have been doing also john ryan has help me alot to understand it more.

Mr Pieter P.

great tutor

Mr Richard G.

Mark was very helpfull and knowledgeable throughout, one of the best tutor i have had and i cannot fault him in any way the content of the course was huge this week

Mr Peter C.


Mr Stephen B.


Mr Erlwin D.

It was a pleasure being here for my first time and I really felt like Steve tried his best to get us where we need to be.

Thanks a lot

Mr Paul S.

Many Thanks To Steve For This Week.

His Time And Patience Explaining Things Have Been Much Apprecated.

Cant Thank Him Enough



Mr Trust D.

Great learning facility.

Mr Nageeb A.

Martin was a great help and taught me a lot

Mr Jason F.

martin was really good teacher I really enjoyed the week

Mr Jason C.

Bob was very good at explaining what was required to get through the criteria and entertaining at the same time

Mr Craig S.


Mr Andrzej G.

great time here

Pleasure to meet you & Many Thanks! – customer review

Simon V.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Justin Stevens commencing 28/09/2015

I learn a lots of things out of my text books and our tutor help me in every aspect of the study against theory and practical. I am very happy to the approach of my tutor and friendliness and co operation the staff in this training centre.

Gabriel P.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 21/09/2015

Many Thanks! to all the personel from EER training centre, Many thanks to Vince for beeing patient with us, was a pleasure to meet you and to have you as a tutor. Wish everyone all the best! Thank you!

Simon U.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 21/09/2015

Overall happy with the experience and I’m looking forward to future practical weeks, and I am exceptionally happy with martin sheriff as a tutor and hopefully will be taught by him in future practical weeks.

Sohail T.

Attended week 7 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 21/09/2015

I meet Richard Simacek first time and I found he is a wonderful teacher. He does have knowledge and skill how to communicate and transfer knowledge to students. I am very happy with him. Thanks Richard you are legend.

Benjamin H.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 07/09/2015

I am glad that I had John as a turotr as he explains things very clearly in a way that makes everything seem like common sense. Hopefully I am with him in week 3. I have spoken to other tutors whilst in the college and everyone was helpful, friendly and welcoming.

Aaron C.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 01/09/2015

as before my tutor paul brock has been amazing, he is able to answer all questions in away that i would understand and he is very knowledgeable and supportive. i would like to and hope to continue my studies under his tutoring. the rest of the staff at the centre were freindly and helpful. the centre itself was quite cosy and comfurtable but rest areas could be improved.

George R.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 01/09/2015

I am pleased to say that I happy with the course that I am taking and fully understand what is expected of me when I attend every week from the practical side and the paper based side of things. Also the tutors and staff of the chandlers ford centre are very helpful in finding solutions for me if I didn’t understand or questions I may of had.

Colin H.

Attended week 7 at Wolverhampton with Patrick Sheehan commencing 24/08/2015

I was very impressed with the level and depth of knowledge and experience of Patrick.Topics were explained in a clear and concise manner,which helped me greatly in completing my task a and b of my 303 assignments.Overall experience was excellent.

Andrew T.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 17/08/2015

Ian was a good at teaching the material that was set out for our week, any problems he was more than willing to help until you did understand it. Patrick was also helpful and approachable to answer questions as well. I think Ian has managed to get the best out of me this week and for that I am in grateful, as it has helped in my assessments and my exam.

Ugo I.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Joe Blower commencing 10/08/2015

I believe most candidates coming to the training including me, come with great apprehension and uncertainty. My confidence was boosted by Joe’s encouragement and his patience with me. I thoroughly enjoyed my week 2 and hope the rest of my training weeks ahead will be like this one. Thank you Joe and to the management of my training.

Max H.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 03/08/2015

Considering students were at different points regarding practical assesments and exams our tutor did very well keeping up with where everyone was at and always gave support when needed. Other staff members also gave support and were very helpful.

Saidina M.

Attended week 5 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 03/08/2015

I am very pleased with staff and students s interaction in the centre. They are friendly and professional. The place is very well organised and clean. I definitely want to do my level 3 here as well.

Simon A.

Attended week 7 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 03/08/2015

As i had the undivided attention of Ian I thought it may be an awkward week but it turned out it was focused and very informitive. The material is very difficult to learn in such a short period of time. The way Ian Deliveredit was thorough and clear which made life a little less painful on exams and assessments. Many thanks to Ian and all the staff at EER who were all friendly and helpful.

Matthew P.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 27/07/2015

Excellent week, training was well thought-out and learnt a lot more doing the practical than the theory. Tutor, Neal, was always engaging and encouraging and I believe was the key to an enjoyable week.

Matthew P.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 27/07/2015

Paul has been a massive help to me this week and I really do value his professionalism! Top stuff! Exam rules were told to us by Phoebe from the office..very clear and understood what was expected etc! top talent!

Randy N.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 27/07/2015

The week was a very good experience. Tom was extremely helpful with the tasks that required more personal assistance. He took the time to keep me calm and helped me to understand what was important.

Paul W.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 20/07/2015

A thoroughly excellent week. Tutor and staff were particularly helpful after I had to return to home area latter stages of last week. I was slotted back in adn given the time to pick back up with my acitivities. Thanks in particular go to Neil who invested extra time in making sure I finsihed all tasks before end of this week. Excellent Tutor with great teaching style put me at ease and encouraged me to leearn further. Very happy at passing 5/5 exams this week. A big credit must go to Neal. Much appreciated, Paul

Terlochan D.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 13/07/2015

I feel that Vince is an exceptional tutor with a lot of knowledge. His approach to learning is very enjoyable and learning time at the centre becomes very satisfying. Thanks again to Vince great teacher deserves a good pat.

Pavlo G.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 29/06/2015

i’m so pleased with staff of the center. them so friendly and helpful. my tutor Jonh Knox one of the best tutor i have so far. he’s so proffesional, friendly. i got answer to every question i asked him. he really helped me. BIG THANK YOU TO JONH KNOX and ALL staff of the center!!!!!!!

Roman K.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 22/06/2015

The Centre is perfect for me and i hope i will pass my plumbing course here i will try to put everything into it. The Tutors were brilliant with helping me to do what i should do. Hope i will see you soon

Another great week – customer reviews

Mr Krzysztof S.

It was the best practical training week. Vincent you’re the best tutor I’ve ever had in this course. Many thanks and best personal regards to say big THANK YOU.

Mr Adrian C.

Hi, I would like to thank the staff and this week tutor Vince Doyle . The centre is very well equipped, and that with the availability of the staff makes this my favourite centre

Mr Ryan H.

i enjoy these practical weeks more and more every time i come here. gary is a great tutor and i couldnt be happier with the corse so far

Mr Mariusz S.


Mrs Michelle O.

Very good.

Mr Harvey L.

good centre

Mr Alexander K.

another great week :)

Mr Richard A.

Great tutor,

Mr Aaron D.

James is a great tutor, had him week 7, was happy to have him in week 8 and I hope to have him when I return for my AM2!

Mr Peter W.

The center is brilliant, john was really knowledgable, really enjoyed this first week

Mr James W.

excellent week at the centre tutor had a wide range of knowledgde and portrayed the course content very well.

Mr Benjamin M.

Information and direction was clear and easy to understand. John was very approachable and knowledgeable.

Mr Przemyslaw R.

Nice and friendly approach to students. Good explanation of a subject and good atmosphere in classroom and workshop.


Mr Simon R.

thia week was very well organised and felt that i was able to move on with my knowleadge.

Mr Paul S.

i am very happy with everything the college is teaching me here and my tutor is very helpful and helps me out very well and explains everything so easy thank you for helping me out john ryan

Mr Tomide A.

good centre and good tutor good lecture and i really enjoyed my time here at the centre

Mrs Jennifer J.

Fantastic as always

Mr Andrew J.


Mr Joseph B.


Mr Richard T.

martin is amazing

Mr Martin R.


Mr Christopher T.

brilliant college pleasure to be taught by mike

Mr Graham H.

very organised and very helpful staff a joy to work in centre

Mr Ali N.

Michael is very informative and very good at doing his job, understanding and very professional, he was fantastic and thought us a lot about level 2 plumbing and also he prepared us well for the mock exam. I don’t have a bad word to say about Michael he has been great for me 10/10 thanks

Mr Martyn G.


Mr Jack H.

Had a great week. really felt good leaving after the first week with the whole practical and paperwork, the tutor mike was great. great crack and makes you feel so at ease which helps you do what you need to more comfortably. looking forward to the rest of the course.

Mr Steven G.

over all a very enjoyable experience at the centre.

Mr Bryn B.

really enjoyed my first week tutor are spot on roll on for week two

Miss Kirsty L.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my practical week 1, it hasn’t seemed like work at all. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and despite being nervous when I started on Monday (as the only woman on the course), it didn’t make any difference to anyone and I was made to feel every bit as competent as all the lads. Im looking forward to week 2 next week. :-)

Mr Alistair H.

Very pleased with the overall training experience so far. As this is week one I didn’t know what to expect but has exceeded my expectations and am very happy with the training. Also tutor Mike is an excellent tutor. He is friendly and positive, very supportive, always helpful with problems and seems to be very good at his job. His attributes make it a very positive learning experience.

Mr Jephete T.

good training to be recommended

Mr Randy N.

Paul is a very patient and experienced tutor. He has been a great man to work with over this and every week I have been associated with him

Mr Jason C.

really enjoyed this was by far the best week on the course. Paul was really good ,patient,and helpful with advice

Mr Edward S.

Brilliant week. Very good teaching style and very nice staff in general.

Mr Jeff M.

I have enjoyed my week at the centre really useful.

Simon was really informative any problems he would steer you in right direction

Mr Andre M.

simon is a wicked tutor

Mr Clive M.


Mr Lloyd W.

well rounded better places to sit and eat and relax

Mr Benjamin E.


Mr Jack S.

Tom is cool

Mr Ricardo G.


Mr Gabriel S.


Mr Graeme H.

Bob is an excellent tutor, very knowledgeable and always willing to help and go over things if you’re not sure on certain aspects!

A credit to the company.

Mr Jonathan C.

Good all round.

Mr Richard B.

Mr Rix is both a scholar and a gentlemen. His level of knowledge and service are unparalleled.

Mr Andrzej G.

week started really rough for me. Was feeling really unwell for 3 days and did miss out on loads of time in classrooom. Thanks to the staff help i managed to finish almoust everything on time im quite happy with this. Thanks Dave.

Mr Mohammed K.

it was amazing

thank you

Mr Franco C.


Mr Neville N.

As before Gary has proven to be most inspiring and easy to understand when explaining answers to questions. He is very helpful towards me and others in the class and workshop.

Mr Stuart S.

I love coming to this centre staff very helpful and friendly nothing is any trouble for them to sort out problems I would really like to see level 3 done here as its a relaxed atmosphere where its easy to learn

Mr Colin P.

love coming to Chandlers Ford. Both Steve and Paul are fantastic and explain everything needed to know the task in hand. Steve is great at preparing you for exams.

Mr James P.

its an amazing place to come and learn. There is always room for improvement.

Mr Oliver L.

steve is a great tutor has tought me a lot this week. he realy has helped me understand a lot of the material for the exams… great tutor

Mr Mario S.

Very good first week, really enjoyed. Tutor is excellent, he knows what he does very professional and from other side good laugh, funny guy. All the information what we needed he give us. Waiting forward for the next week.

Mr Paul W.

Neil Rainbow is an amazing teacher everything he has taught us was presented into small sections so we could understand and until we all got it then we moved on.

Mr Steven B.


Mr Nathan B.

Tutor was helpful and easy to talk to.

Mr Stephane Z.

I did enjoy my first week training thank you very much see you next week

Mr Salah I.

Broke things down very clearly and precise, made me feel comfortable with asking questions as there was no such thing as a silly question. Vibrant environment and made teaching and learning a whole better

Mr Alexander C.

Thank you for a great week. I thought the training was neatly pieced together and looking forward to next week.

Mr Ramel L.

My tutor was Neil Rainbow and he was brilliant in my week1, great teacher and a great guy. For me personally I struggled to keep up with the pace of the learning but I believe that is just down to me struggling to take in all the new information. He is happy to answer any question you have whether silly or difficult. Thanks for the help and patience

Mr Dainis D.

Good workshop.

Mr Mate C.

I didn’t change my opinion. Steve is the best! Big thanks to him!

Ms Mairi M.

This has been an invaluable three weeks at Leeds with excellent facilities, a convivial learning environment the tone set by a truly outstanding teacher.

Spot on as usual – customer reviews

Mr Adam L.

Really enjoying the course and the Tutor is a big factor to this, making me feel comfortable and confident and is very approachable when I’m not to sure on something.

Mr Allison D.

I was happy to meet Mr V. Doyle he always make sure that you understand what his teaching no matter how many times you ask him for help his always happy to assist you till you understand it.

Mr Muhammad Y.

It was an absolute pleasure having Vince as my tutor.

I am really looking forward to week 2 with Vince.

His ability to explain is excellent. Will definitely recommend to anyone wishing to study Gas Engineering.


Mr Anatoli V.

I am very happy with my training.Thank you!

Mr Max K.

very good tutor

Mr Thomas G.

Gary was very helpful throughout the week and explained information very clearly, all the staff at the centre were very helpful especially the girls at the desk who were always at hand to sort issues out with computers etc. Really enjoyed the week.

Mr Abiodun O.

Gary and the rest of the centre staff are very helpful and respectful. Friendly staffs.

Mr Lea W.

a massive thanks to john ryan once again top bloke knows his stuff makes time in the centre enjoyable.

Mr Simon R.

great support and help from John, with this help and support I managed to pass my online exam and also my practical assesment. looking forward to my next week here at center.


Mr Przemyslaw R.

Over all happy, good expirience.

Mr Ian R.

Enjoyed the week. Had very little knowledge to do with gas when I started this week and now feel quite confident in my basic knowledge.

Mr Richard G.

Tough week but I was well supported

Mr Daniel H.

Martin was great again, really helpful and did his utmost to helm.

Mr Mark R.

Martin was very enthusiastic and approachable.


Mr Christopher G.

The training weeks have been great, they have been far better than I was expecting and I have learnt more in 2 weeks then 6 months of the books.

Martin our tutor has been fantastic! He has kept us awake and engaged even through 30degree’s + temps and very fun to do.

Over all im actually very happy with the training centre and look forward to booking my next 2 weeks!

Thanks for all the help Martin! Your a Star.

Mr Michael M.

I really enjoyed my time spent over the last two weeks, Martin Sheriff was great at his knowledge and ability to convey it coherently. I would recommend this place as a training centre.

Mr Allistair H.

excellent knowledge and organisation

Mr Sean M.

Great team all really helpful and happy to take time to help to understand things we didn’t understand really happy with the two I’ve done

Mr Iza T.

I was close to leave the course but thanks to martins he gave the enough motivation to continue its been great week

Mr Brian H.

spot on as usual

Miss Michelle G.

I love it at the centre I learn so much mike and the other tutors are friendly and helpful thankyou

Mr Robert W.

mike is a good friendly tutor who is always willing to give advise and support

Mr Julian R.

training staff very helpfull and excellent knowledge.

Mr Ivan I.

Nice people. Verry helpful. I am happy. I will come again. Thanks to everyone from the center.

Mr Martyn H.

Its very useful coming to the centres as when I’m here I feel like I am learning a lot of skills. Just need to ut it into practice more. Teachers are very good and friendly, knowledge is very good and they are lways willing to nswer my questions no matter how stupid they are!

Mr Jamie L.

I liked the fact Steve was patient and actually taught me a few things. Mr Salah Isaq, AE6304931V Very pleased how this week went teaching wise with the lecturer teaching very well upset that this is his last week gaining so much insight and knowledge from

Extremely helpfull and proffessional in every way – see what our clients say

Nasiru M.

Attended week 2 at Watford with David Wallace commencing 15/02/2016

everything goes well and the tutors are willing to help, they are so friendly and well many ways knowledge to explain, I am very happy to attend this this course because encourage me very well. thanks


Craig S.

Attended week 2 at Watford with David Wallace commencing 15/02/2016

we had stuart for the first 2 days who’s electrical theory was fantastic and he helped me immensely with my maths and formulas he set me homework and explained anything I didn’t understand. john took us for the last three days and his knowledge as a whole was amazing he clearly has a deep understanding of all things electrical both theoretical and practical and is an all round great tutor I would not like to go to another test centre and if I could have john as my tutor on my next visits I would be more than happy, overall a really good week where I learned a lot and for me personally both tutors were a massive help .


Nigel M.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Gary Bailey commencing 15/02/2016

I am happy that the Catering facilities have changed now. THANK YOU!! Vince and Gary are legends! 5 star tutors. i have learnt a lot since week 1 at this center. i would happily recommend this cource to anyone. All your staff are top notch. shout out to PIPS AND LAURA X


Marco P.

Attended week 3 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 15/02/2016

I felt well and grateful for all the teaching and help received during this week!!! I’ll definitely say that I received the right training! It was as my letter said educational and enjoyable.. All my teachers come directly to me for any issue I had and kept asking for any help! I would like to add that they have an excellent knowledge of electrical field and this was absolutely great!!! Definitely has been a nice week!!!!


Nicholas S.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 15/02/2016

It is a rare thing to find a brilliant teacher who has charisma and personality. Neal’s outlook and attitudes are an infectous complement to his academic prowess which is catching. A seriously good teacher with an edge as well as a more serious side when it matters. I do hope to meet Neal again. 11/10. Thank you very much.


Hussan M.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Justin Stevens commencing 08/02/2016

Our Teacher Paul Dawson is very friendly and professional. He ensured that all students fully understood what they were doing and made sure we were ready for the online GOLA exams by preparing us in advance. He is a great teacher and has a very effective teaching manner.


Randy N.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 08/02/2016

Paul was g great instructor. Although he was extremely busy, he always answered my questions in a calm, friendly manner. He encouraged me to make corrections myself which I found very useful in understanding the situation.


Simon M.

Attended week 4 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 08/02/2016

I was moved into a different class with a different tutor, Justin was my tutor, he explained things very well, he is very patient, knowledgeable and approachable, and is careful to ensure that we understand what is being taught.


Nicholas S.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 08/02/2016

Neal is an extremely talented teacher dealing with one of the hardest subjects – maths and physics. Having been out of the classroom for over 35 years, I was simply amazed how he managed to not only instill a level of enthusiasm and interest into a subject I had always treated as ‘boring’ but ultimately how that manifested into my exam result – a merit. Well done Neal and big thanks.


David W.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 08/02/2016

John is an excellent tutor and thoroughly helped during this week in getting our PAT testing exams sorted and giving us the knowledge in getting prepped for the 2392 assessment and exam. My final week in centre and it has been good as each other week attended.


Colin P.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Steve Baxter commencing 01/02/2016

Very happy with my week. I look forward to coming back again. Steve was good at coaching me into doing tasks correctly. He is very approachable and made me feel at ease right from day one when i was a bit anxious. In all the staff were great and interacted with all students making it fun and relaxed.

Hussan M.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 01/02/2016

Our Tutor (Paul Agnew) is very friendly and knowledgeable regarding all the topics we have studied. He displays professionalism and makes our study environment comfortable and easy to learn. He explains the task very well and if we struggle at first attempt he endeavours to rectify things until it is full comprehended or completed in the right manner. The centre is well equipped and has many useful facilities such as clean toilets, spacious canteen area, etc. Overall I would definitely recommended this course to family and friends.


Attila N.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 01/02/2016

I had a great experience of my first week. The Tutor (Paul) is very helpful. He has a great knowledge of plumbing. Clearly explaining the practical bits. I feel much more confident with a practical parts. Many Thanks Attila


Edson P.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Pett commencing 01/02/2016

All the staff were very nice Jonh Pett is an amazing Tutor he go one and with us to make sure we get to understand every single way how to do our practical training,i really enjoy working with him and the guy in my team on week one and week two. Kind Regards Edson Peart BG4210259V City Guild PFN8111


Mukhwinder S.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 01/02/2016

i am very happy to do training in err wolvwrhampton, i like the friendly environment , i was nervos in my first day but mr vincent,s way of teaching made me happy. he explaind everythig very nicely. thanks


Bryce M.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Justin Dean commencing 25/01/2016

It was a great expirience with great tutors and friends. The practicals were good and well explained and equipments provided. Leaving the centre this week already makes me feel like a professional Electrician. I can’t wait to come in for my week two.


Christopher N.

Attended week 4 at Watford with John Pett commencing 25/01/2016

John has again been very helpful this week, especially in the build up to our exam, firstly with the slide presentation and handouts given, helping me achieve the pass mark necessary. The last two weeks have been very good.


Gerrard S.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 18/01/2016

As with my last practical week here, I found Paul to be extremely helpfull and proffessional in every way. The other tutors and centre staff were very helpfull aswell, and my overall experience here this week has been very good.


Parashar M.

Attended week 3 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 18/01/2016

Tutors was very good and whenever I asked questions, he explained me very patiently. I appreciate his patience even though there were many students in the workshop but he managed the training session very well.


Obinna N.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Richard Simacek commencing 18/01/2016

Richard Simacek is best tutor I ever come in contact with in this centre. The professional way he communicate to students is out of none. This is my best week ever in this centre. Thank you Richard for every support.

Brilliant centre with brilliant tutor – Customer reviews

Mr Aaron D.

James is a great tutor. The best one I’ve had across.

Mr Michael J.

I has been a long journey to achieved my level 2 qualifications. I really give special thanks to my tutor John who has been amazing for putting me througt.can,t wait for my next stage of my journey . level 3

Mr Jamie J.

every thing is brilliant

Mr Daniel S.

Really feel ready for my asc with the help from the training staff.

Mr Rafal K.


Mr Phillip D.

Steve, is very knowledgeable and is a great help in helping me to pass this course.

Mr Thomas H.

Steve was excellent very knowledgeable and a great tutor.

Mr Christopher O.

As always, excellent staff, centre and knowledge by the tutor. cant fault it

Mr Paul M.

Thanks to Steve for all the effort

Mr Nurullah A.

good service thanks

Mr Hichem H.


Mr Phillip P.

Martin is a very competant and organised tutor and leaves no stone unturned great bloke.

Mr Luke H.

brilliant centre with brilliant tutor

Mr James B.

Martin is an asset to ERR. Great advice and teaching throughout.

Mr Graham C.

All in all I am more than happy

Mr Stephen B.

very impressed with the facilities, wouldn’t choose any other centre after using this one. very high class tutors and friendly and helpful centre staff. thanks see you on week 5.

Mr Lewis W.

training staff are fantastic

Mr Mark B.

once again very good tutering and a pleasure to have as a tuter

Mr Aaron C.

in all my weeks training the tutors have been brilliant and so have the rest of the staff

Mr Gurpreet S.

Neil was helpful and knowledgeable in explaining my practical

Mr Johnoye C.

one of the best week so far splendid excellent tutor

Mr Richard W.

Neil was very good and very helpful

Mr Darren Y.

On this occasion I had Neil as my tutor who was excellent.. Very helpful,to the point & always available if required. Also Chris (as usual)was always there if needed.

Mr John H.

Neil was brilliant1!he was very helpful , knowledgeable and funny. Chris was as usual very helpful aswell.


Mr Deepak K.


Mr Simon F.

Excellent week with being well informed and supported in all aspects of tasks.

Mr William C.

another great teaching experience, from Pau Brock. thank you.

Mr Ashley M.

Great tutors, make learning easy and enjoyable.


Mr Adam T.


Mr Benjamin H.

Both tutors are very helpful and are knowledgeable, Help is there when needed. Looking forward to week 7

Mr Gihan J.

Jhon & Neal is two great tutors.. :)

Mr Rheden A.


Mr Daniel F.

John is a great teacher.

Mr Ben T.

Steve was helpful and approachable. The training centre had every I needed and I was very happy.

Mr Gregory P.

Training centre is well laid out with great machines and tools. The workshop is clean and organised. Steve was patient and very knowledgeable with the ability to convey processes in a well thought out manner.

Mr Frederick S.

Steve was approachable and friendly and im happy with my training.

Mr Dale P.

Really happy with the practical training Steve is top notch training provider is poor needs updating and better communication

Loving It here at Watford – customer reviews

Mr Aaron E.

another good week, glad to finish week 5 with gary onwards and upward! love coming to wolvo

Mr Sebastian B.


Mr Jean-Baptiste K.


Mr Dean G.

really good here every thing was explained well

Mr Goran S.

exelent experience this week thanks!!!

Mr Stephen S.

All round great week 5 and thank you to the staff for helping me gain my NVQ2

Mr David R.

it has been an excellent course very enjoyable

Mr Michael E.

all good

Mr Mohammed K.

I have completed my level 2.

John Ryan is a excellent tutor, deserves a pay rise, good sense of humour, fun method of teaching.

The whole 5 weeks went exceptionally well really enjoyed being a student of John Ryan.

Thanks a lot,

Kind Regards

Mr Jacob C.


Mr Aidan O.

john ryan experience and knowledge has guided me through the level 2 course. This has been invaluable experience thanks to john.

all the best

Mr Colin J.


Mr Keith D.

another good week. staff are brilliant

Mr Andrew A.

Trainer Mike was excellent throughout again.

Mr Daniel H.

Mike has done a brilliant job this week in not only getting myself through the weeks practicle but also with our exams. Very well organised and always there to help out

Mr Vincent M.

terry very helpful cheers

Mr Michael C.

Terry is a very good instructor, very patient and helpful with all the tasks.

Mr Daniel E.


Mr Aaron C.

Paul was very knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions with ease and made it understandable.

will happily be tutored by him again

Mr Jephete T.

good experience

Mr Herbert S.

loving It here at watford

Mr Edward S.

Excellent Tutor and very good week in general!

Mr Janos P.

Good week

Mr Giedrius M.

exellent traning

Mr Gowmehan J.

Thank you tutor team!

Mr Kyle A.


Mr Anish S.

Dave is a great tutor with great knowledge, I enjoyed learning from him. He answered all my questions well and in profesional manner.


Mr Tommy S.


Mr Simon C.

ecellent tutor

Mr Abass B.


Mr Kris S.

Tutor was very knowledgeable and friendly

Mr Philip S.

great tutor an example of how it should be done

Mr Lee I.


Mr Maksimas T.

In overall training was well organised. This week was really good, but not easy. In the end is exam and the result of it is pass. Thanks to tutors and staff for their hard job with students, because all of you giving your experience and knowledge to students.

Mr Reyon C.

Gary Thompson is an excellent tutor

Mr Harmeet R.

Tutors are helpful. Answer any questions you have.

Mr Bradley J.

very impressed with my overall experience.

Mr Pelham S.

Very well managed, same as previous experience at centre

Mr Daniel S.

always great instructions from the tutors thankyou

Mr Joseph B.

both neal and john were brilliant tutors really learned a lot

Mr Daniel R.

Mr Rainbow is extremely knowledgeable and his approach to teaching is very upbeat. a true pleasure to listen and learn from. Thank you!

Mr Faruku N.

Neal is an incredible tutor ,all subjects were well understood.

Mr Kris M.

neal and john we great tutors and taught all the material I needed to prepare for the exam in a way I could understand. top blokes

Mr Carlos V.

Neal and John were brilliant this week very helpful

Mr Rolands P.

excellent tutor and great experience was going true. thanks to Steve

Mr Colin D.

very good excellent teaching well happy the way it is going.

Fabulous and fantastic – customer review

Mr Robert G.

Steve and Martin have been fantastic throughout the week. Steve has helped encourage and support throughout all parts of the exam taken. Have had no problems with how the week has been run. Wish all the best to Steve and Martin and i’m very thankful for all the help and support they have given me during my 9 weeks in the centre. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn any of the trades on offer. Fantastic experience.


Mr Mobeen A.

The tutor understanding and knowledge is outstanding, and explanation is really good, one of the best tutor I have came across in my lifetime.

Thank you Mobeen

Mr Sean B.


Mr Jonathan C.

Great practical training experience at the centre once again. Many thanks to my tutor, Paul.

Miss Michelle G.V

i was nervous at the beginning when I attended I was at ease straight away and have enjoyed being here thankyou

Mr Gareth C.


Mr Majad H.

Excellent training programme.

Mr Cosmin G.

I am very happy to finish my practice qualify at this center .exelent conditions the staff is very good prepared for tech us technics of plumming.

Mr Samuel D.

Good training centre and the tutors are very professional and helpful.

Mr Anton T.

The centre is clean and tidy. Staff members are very professional and helpful

Mr Keith L.

Another great week of electrical instruction from Gary and Dave and Im very pleased with my exam results.



Mr Warren W.

Steve is very knowledgeable, helpful and is easy to talk to.

Mr Ross W.

Steve is very good at what he does, he always finds time to help and explain things despite being run off his feet with a million things to do.

Mr Phillip D.

James, is friendly and a very helpful instructor who has made this week both successful for myself and again has improved my electrical knowledge.

All the staff were very friendly and helpful.

Many thanks


Mr Munawar H.

Excellent work

Mr Ian T.

very good tutor john rynn, very helpful

Mr Alexander W.

John is a great tutor, helped me a lot.

Mr Ryan H.

great practice environment. couyldnt be happier with how its going

Mr Aaron A.

Valuable skills learned this week. Theoritcial knowledge improved.

Mr Mariusz S.


Mr Lee W.

gary was very helpful

Mr Deepak S.

enjoyig my time being trained well.

Mr Imran Y.


Teacher and his knowledge is fabulous and fantastic.

Tutors are great – customer review

Mr Anton T.

The centre is nice and tidy. Staff members are very professional and friendly. The workshops are organized in a good manner and all tools are readily available.


Mr Samuel D.

The pratical training centre has all the required tools and eupipment and the tutors are great


Mr Sergiu T.

As always NEAL was amazing I had loads to learn from him all the staff at the centre really helpfull


Mr Andrew L.

Neal’s delivery of training and knowledge was excellent as always and all the staff at the centre are superb.

Although Neal is far more handsome than John and easier to understand, John does have better hair !!


Mr Stewart L.

fantastic teaching yet again from mr neal rainbow.

both tutor and teaching centre excellent standards.


Mr Paul C.

very good teachers, neal is good at explaining things the easiest ways and always answers any questions well and good fun.


Mr Jermaine R.

ive learnt alot thanks to gary i hope i can progress in the future


Mr Gavin T.

I Would like to thank all the staff at Wolverhampton & Gary Bailey (Tutor) for helping me progress onto my NVQ2. Brilliant Tutor!!


Mr David W.

Well organised training facility. Tutors are friendly and laid back with a great sense of humour. This makes learning a lot easier and you’re not afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything.


Mr Gary B.

great week very happy.great advice from the tutor. Thankyou


Mr Steven M.



Mr Aaron C.

enjoyed studing at the centre and the tutor was freindly and was very knowledgable. he james was able to answer all questoins in an understanable way


Mr Anthony A.

liked it here , stapp friendly


Mr Thomas G.

James was really patient and i didn’t feel under pressure at any time during assessments especially when learning something really new to me. Thanks for a great week.


Mr Stephen P.

overall a good week in centre terry showed us any points we struggled on very good


Mr Gary C.

Terry is an exceptional tutor, he is an asset to ERR Featherstone and wish him all the best thanks for an enjoyable 2 weeks


Mrs Jennifer J.

Steve was fantastic, help and support above and beyond. Many thanks


Miss Catherine D.

paul is brilliant very good at learning and teaching us he fully explains everything and makes sure we understand it before moving on overall excellent tutor


Mr Andrew H.

Paul is an excellent tutor, explains thing well in a way that is easy to understand.


Mr Jonathan C.



Mr Bryan B.

Happy days


Mr Austin W.

Great learning experience


Mr Philip S.

tutor and centre excellent


Mr Janos T.

Thanks Bob, you are a great person and tutor.


Mr Kyle A.

test centre staff great help


Mr John T.

Great instructor answers any question’s that I might have. Cant wait for weeks 3 and 4. Have learnt a great deal being here


Mr Darren S.

I have enjoyed every minute since attending the right week.

Neil, has been fantastic and really understanding. He is very to the point, funny and helpful when explaining certain areas that I may lack in.

I felt like I could ask anything and get the response I needed and walk away knowing what to do (most of the time).

I hope that I can have future lessons with, Neil, again.


Mr Kevin D.

Excellent as usual, thank you John


Mr Gary M.

As I said before, John is an excellent and very helpful tutor.


Mr Robin M.

Kohn Knox is the bees knees!


Miss Katie F.

can not fault this centre or the staff here. they are amazing an really supportive. I enjoy coming here. thanks for all the work you guys do for me/us

Last 4 weeks in centre – customer review

Mr Stephen S.

overall a great week and look forward to coming back for week five. the staff have really helped me pick up new skills and learning abilitys.


Mr Nicholas S.



Mr Mohammed K.

John is a great teacher, his method of teaching is brilliant and of a high standard.


Mr Andrew I.

great week ;ooking forward to the next


Mr Michael J.

Every wee i spend at the center, my dream of becoming an electrician is becoming a reality . Our turor John is doing a remarkeablejob in putting me throug tough times. looking forward to week 5


Mr Philip S.

very good week, tutor was very good, looking forward to next week at center


Mrs Susann W.

Everybody very helpful and Vince made it a lot of fun, look forward to be back


Mr Ignas V.

Vince is great!!!


Mr Dean H.

very good knowledge from tutor and good practicle time.


Mr Matthew M.



Mr Bryce N.

James is a great tutor


Mr Sergejus A.



Mr Manoj A.




Mr Robert G.

Steve is a top teacher, have huge respect for his teaching and the help he gives out to us as individuals and a group. Have no issues with the help he has given me over the last 4 weeks in centre.


Mr Rory D.

Helpful teaching material and useful information given.

Excellent centre and great staff who are always happy to help with any questions you have.


Mr Luke M.

Another great week Thank you Martin


Mr Jonathan T.

The quality of the instruction was fist class. My level of understanding is above and beyond what I would have expected by the start of the week.


Mr Steven O.

Martin was a great teacher of this subject, easy going and went through everything in detail on subjects that we didn’t understand.


Mr Alan T.



Mr Mark H.



Miss Lindsey M.

another great week with Mike


Mr Marcin B.

very good training provider


Mr Hafeez Y.

Guided through a tough and stressful week expertly and patiently.


Mr Paul M.

great week a lot learnt, mike very helpful as always, felt welcome will be back for level 3 thanks *****


Mr Darrell R.

Mike has high standards which is an amazing thing. He pushed us harder then we could have ever thought. Well done Mike, see you for level 3


Mr Mark P.

Couldn’t of asked for better


Mr Jason B.

great tutor top bloke


Mr Andrejus G.

Everything spot on.


Mr Stephen O.

Everything was great. Ant and Paul were really great at explaining things.


Mr Florentino B.



Mr Zac Amarteifio, BG8219628V

very satisfied


Mr Daniel G.

Good Week, Thanks for your help.


Mr James C.

great learning


Mr Gowmehan J.

very happy! thanks to all tutors and team! thanks gary!!


Mr Jerome D.

Dve Rix is very very good tutor


Mr Brijesh P.

Dave Rix was so helpful.


Mr Piro M.



Mr John B.

Centre staff as always extremely happy to help, offer guidance on all aspects of training. Again no complaints here.


Mr Svetlin G.

great week whit my tutor Jonh Knox


Mr Neil F.

John is an excellent tutor who delivers with a great all round enthusiasm and knowledge.



Mr Kevin M.

Excellent week, learnt a lot from Neal this week. Reading from a book can be a bit confusing but once we put it into practice it all dropped in.


Distinct lack of singing this week Neal!


Mr Joshua W.

Prepared well for the exam, would of liked to discuss TT systems more as 5 questions in my exam were on this. Practical assessment and talking through the paperwork was really beneficial. Felt slightly unmotivated without Neal singing an anthem throughout the week, nice to see Red Red Wine was stopped!


Mr Mark R.

great week missed the singing.


Mr Miguel V.

Been a great week. I Have a great understanding of the course. Neal has done a superb job and as always has kept the classes interesting.


Looking forward to week 3 & 4.


Mr Chadwick B.

neil made it so easy to take info in with his serious but relaxed attitude.its been a great 2 weeks learnt a lot and enjoyed it.all the staff at the centre have been so helpful and friendly…thankyou…and if UB40 need a new frontman don’t contact ERR centre,Eastleigh


Mr Hackeem O.

Was an amazing week! I learn lots of stuff! am very confident in my dead and live testing and inspection of circuits! I will say thank you Neal! I can now start looking for job as electrician’s mate!


Mr Andrew T.

Thank you to Neal for his time whilst I here in centre. I have learnt a lot. I look forward to coming back to do my week 3 and 4 so


Mr Jeremie M.




Mr Colin P.

I have really enjoyed this week as Paul has identified everyone’s learning and understanding of the areas covered this week. He has been well organised and there for coaching and guidance when needed. Thankyou to everyone at Southampton ERR I will see you again soon


Mr Mihai B.

I am very happy with the way my tutor is explaining and I like the way the centre is organised.


Mr Joseph B.

good third week in things are all starting to slowly make sense and my confidence in myself is slowly rising


Mr Daniel C.

I really enjoy learning with Steve Hoyle. I think he is extremely knowledgeable. He is very diligent and coherent while teaching.