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The best week amongst the others – customer reviews

Mr Steven B.

good centre with good helpful tutor who helped me learn alot throughout the week


Mr Gavin T.

The tutors here are great! i find i learn so much from them than i would by reading books.


Mr David W.

The tutors are fantastic.

Friendly and laid back which makes learning alot easier and more relaxed.


Mr John R.

week 3 training was most enjoyable


Mr Mukhwinder S.

garry is a good teacher , he provide good training.


Mr Edwin C.

Vince and Gary were both excellent as usual! I would not of gotten this far without their valuable advice!! EER Centre staff have been friendly and helpful the whole time and I look forward to coming back after my NVQ to do my level 3.


Mr Mark S.

to the usual high standard, wouldn’t expect nothing else, another great week. Look forward to more.


Mr Omar L.

the training was fun. the add on could have been to fit the bath mixing tap as this is becoming commun.


Mr Timothy H.

I enjoyed my time here and even though i found it hard at times.


Mr Victor R.

coming back to ERR Ltd Center has been a great adventure for the progress of my new career,thanks to everyone that forms ERR Ltd take me as if i were part of ERR and can not wait to come back next time in the nearest time. Many thanks thanks for your help, support and advice. kindly regards


Mr Stephen S.

Amazing third week and hope to have more like it. assessor really helped with his knowledge and understanding


Mr Antony P.

John is a very knowledgeable guy. great help with preparing for the online exam. Brilliant week


Mr Darryl T.

excellent week thanks to john looking forward to week 4 thanks again john..


Mr Michael J.

It has been a very tense week but thants to our tutor John who has done a remarkable job . he always come to our aid when needed , he took his time to put me through things i don,t understand. well done . Looking forward for week 4. cant wait


Mr Philip S.

the tutor was very helpful and helped me through periods of the week. I don’t think I would have passed the exam without the help my tutor gave me.


Mr Richard A.

fantasic tutor deserves a pay rise


Mr Alexander K.

another cracking week…. go err


Mr Richard A.

I had excellent training with Martin Sheriff


Mr Paul S.

I have really enjoy learning here. On my first day i worry as i haven’t done any of the practicals and i haven’t used some of the plummbing tools or equipment. after the 2nd day i grew with confident which was down to the tutor and how he encouraged me and explain where i went wrong.


Mr Keith D.

overall I’ve really enjoyed the first week of training. the tutoring has been first class. all the staff are brilliant and very approachable, helpful and informative. my tutor was mike Nicholson and he was fantastic. he has been fantastic. very helpful, easy to talk to, knows a lot of helpful tips.


Mr Callum N.

The training centre was great all of the staff were very helpful,friendly and very informative of the course and the training provided.


Mr Aaron C.

overall facilities was good. Tutor Paul was brilliant, he was able to explain things easily for me to understand and his knowledge was about the coarse will very high. would happily be under his tutorage again.


Mr Roland S.

had a very good week thanks to all the staff here


Mr Nasir S.

good teacher


Mr Sipho K.

Overall I had the best week amongst the others. I felt the tutors had a good balance with attending to all students. Extra credit to my week’s tutors: Steven and PaulConwell they were superb.


Mr Mark R.

As always the staff at ERR Watford have outdone themselves in yet another brilliant memorable week. Julian, Steve Baxter and Paul Conway have all been great tutors and this has been my best week yet, I have learnt so much in this week with my sanitary installation and exams, a HUGE thank you to you all , Katie , Julie, Cris in store , Paul in fact everyone at ERR Watford , a true credit and real asset for ERR.


Mr Innocent M.

It was excellent experience. Great week!


Mr Izebe F.

Good Training centre


Mr Tommy S.



Mr Simon C.

bob is a good tutor his knowlege has helped me get through some of the more difrficult parts of the course work.

also its good to have tutor you can chat to and feel comfortable with, i feel it helps me concerntrate on what i need to.


Mr Obinna N.

The tutor atitude towards his student is ecouraging.


Mr Desmond H.

the tutor was very knowledgable and was always happy to help which made my training enjoyable


Mr Anish S.

Really great to learn from Bob as always…..:)) He clear my doubts and answered my questions greatly….



Mr Brijesh P.



Mr Peter H.

Great teaching, definately helped pass the week!


Mr Christopher P.

The standard of teaching this week for Neal was second to none. Very well informed and knowledgeable to the point his knowledge is God like and on a par with Thomas Edison himself.


Mr Michael H.

All areas of the practical week went extremely well, all the staff are helpful and considerate towards all the students. With regards to our main lecturer, Neal surpassed himself with outstanding knowledge and way of conveying his knowledge onto others.



Mr Adam S.

Centre is excellent as always. slight issues with scanning as not all the scanners were working but managed to get through in the end.

Working with Neal for a tutor as always was a great experience. had John for parts of the week 3 and I have to say it was an eye opener. Johns methods were on a par with Nicola tesla and mad Neal seem like an Edison. :-)

All joking aside Neal is great and I look forward to working with john next week.


Mr David R.

I had Neil Rainbow, might as well call him Neil TESLA, couldn’t fault him enough, spoke to you like a human being and not just another student/person. Top bloke, knowledgably and got it across in a understandable way.


Mr Rheden A.

great teacher and very helpful.

very nice centre and staff.


Mr Mark P.

The practical session at this centre have had a huge benefit to the course learning, personal experience from the tutors has been of great help


Mr Mark D.

Paul was very helpful and friendly.


Mr Ian L.

Good week of learning and assessment – happy throughout


Mr Phillip D.

Some excellent instruction, I feel my knowledge has improved.


Mr Vincent C.

As pervious visits, being taught by jon and neil was a joy and made turning up everyday less of an ordeal. Great tutors and I honestly think they deserve a bonus for all their hard work and enthusiasm!


Mr Nicholas M.

Neal’s knowledge and understand of electrical science was a bit help, he method of teaching this information makes understanding a lot easier.

John’s guidance on how to complete the assignment work was really good, helping me understand how to get and use the information I needed to complete the work.

Relax atmosphere and helpful tutors – customer feedback

Mr Christopher O.

Tutor was very good, staff very good, the centre was very good, overall, very impressed. as usual


Mr Robert G.

excellent teacher, absolutely no complaints


Mr Kieran R.

Excellent tutor, happy to help if you put the work in, could enjoy the time in the classroom


Mr Graham C.

I am perfectly happy


Mr Blessing R.

Great practical training centre


Mr Neil B.

Friendly staff and asked if you are OK when you look a bit stressed.


Mr Hafeez Y.

very hard week which was again very well tutored to successful completion.


Mr Marcin B.

best tutor


Mr Mark H.

Tutor had great knowledge and was always happy to give advice


Mr Paul B.

excellent training this week from an excellent tutor


Mr Michael C.

learnt a lot this week good week very good instructor terry.


Mr Charles M.

Tutors and staff are very helpful


Mr John Y.

Enjoyed every aspect of the course.


Mr Steven G.

decent tutor :)


Mr Steven C.

cntre staff weere extremely friendly and helpful. Tutor was very knowledgable and helpful.


Mr Arjun S.

very happy thank you


Mr Stephen A.

i have enjoyed my time in the centre – i have learned a lot – the tutor i have is brillient.


Mr Mohammed K.

John’s method of teaching and explaining is second to none!! very pleased. John deserves a pay rise.

Kind Regards


Mr Joseph S.

very good person very helpful


Mr John C.

all good, no issue,


Mr Anthony A.

liked it here


Mr Thomas G.

Very good week, instructor very good and made me feel relaxed throughout the week and able to complete work to a good standard.


Mr Muzzamal H.

i have learnt quite a lot from this courses,Practically and theoretically. I am happey a lot of my tutors and explained thing that I didn’t understand in detail.


Mr Deepak S.

everything is going good.


Mr Alexander K.

another enjoyable week a difficult week but tutor was very helpful and guided us to get thew best out of us.


Mr Richard A.

good week


Mr Wesley C.

was a good week:)


Mr John H.

I have enjoyed my experience here and look forward to returning


Mr Simon B.

very good enjoyed my time there


Mr Sebastien L.

was very good week , and very hard thx Paul


Mr Waldemar S.

Practice with welding gave me a lot of experience and new welding techniques whom I previously did not know. Professional approach and experience of the teacher in the center of Watford ERR, and also the entire staff.




Mr Philip M.

Very happy with the tutor and centre staff. Nothing too much trouble which was great, tutor very personable and approachable as well as a very good welder which helps!


Mr Jomon M.

I had an excellent 11week welding course in the Watford ERR centre. I strongly believe who ever train from here will be professionally good in trade. The staff here in awesome. I wish every success to centre and tutors in coming years .


Mr Waldemar W.



Mr Godfred M.

very relax atmosphere and helpful tutors


Mr Nicholas M.

Neal helped very much with the information he gave us and the way he explained it in an understandable way.


Mr John H.

The course was well structured and paced at the right level. Neal as always made the learning process easy and helped at the right time as well as pushing to extract knowledge.


Mr Seraj F.

overall I enjoyed my self while being in the centre.


Mr Adam T.

very helpful staff especially my tutor Neal who has a wealth of knowledge


Mr Lee P.

what can I say another week of learning has come and gone in a flash a very competent and skilled tutor for which I am very grateful, would recommend Neil and this centre to anyone and everyone. once again what an excellent place


Mr Paul L.

steve is an excellent tutor he always goes the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.


Mr Billy K.

John Knox is a fantastic tutor really helpful really knowledgeable training centres like this need more people like John 10/10


Mr Mark R.

John Knox has been an exquisite tutor, I only wish all tutors could express the same level of undeserved kindness and keen interest to help his students. As Jesus once said ‘there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving’. John reflects these words in such a way that he never asks for ANYTHING in return. I will always respect John for his help throughout this course


Mr John B.

Staff as always friendly and helpful.


Mr Frank K.

I had enjoyed this week very much .my gratitude goes to all the management. Excellent tutors.

Relaxed approach to teaching – Customer reviews

Mr Robert W.

Johns relaxed approach to teaching creates a positive atmosphere in a tense situation if you are having trouble with the subject in hand. His knowledge is invaluable to which I felt confident in asking him any question and knowing he would respond without being left confused. I had a great week with great results. Thanks very much.


Mr Matthew E.

Very happy once again. Always impressed with John and Neils knowledge and willingness to help and explain things clearly.

Thank you.


Mr Gregory B.

John is an excellent tutor, as is evident by the number 100% pass rates in this weeks exams. He takes time to explain concepts clearly and understandably. If John and Neal could write the college material it would be a huge benefit. 10/10 John, cheers very much.

Thanks all,

Greg Bentley-Bloor


Mr Sam B.

loved my week again john was brilliant and helped my loads with my testing exam


Mr Gary M.

A busy but really enjoyable week with an excellent tutor in John, top class.


Mr Andrew H.

John is giving my the confidence to succeed this week,i’m very happy with the level I have got too.

many thanks to Neal as well for the support in or with math side of things


Mr Frank K.



Mr Ashley D.



Mr Mihai B.

I am happy with training knowledge of my tutors.


Miss Jodie O.

friendly and welcoming environment, i am looking forward to coming for the next practical week.


Mr Mohammed K.

john is a brilliant instructor, provides excellent information.


Mr Daniel H.

An enjoyable week. I now feel more confident and understand a lot more than i did. Excellent tutor


Mr Amrik S.

very happy with training and course good teacher


Mr Joseph S.

very good nice person


Mr Karl B.

very good.


Mr Martyn R.

james has a very good knowledge and helps out explaining well


Mr Elentin S.

very happy with the training.


Mr Scott W.

training and mentors were excellent


Mr David H.

excellent course, very informative, tutor excellent


Mr Shoyaib S.

the tutor was veryfiendly and helpful and also he explain to me how to work my way out to passed the exam.


Mr Muzzamal H.

i am happy and I have a good practice in this training centre.


Mr Deepak S.

teacher is great been taught very well.


Mr Aidan W.



Mr Allan J.

great Lecturers Very helpful couldn’t do more to help


Mr Alec T.

enjoying the course alot


Mr Samuel J.

Enjoyed my time at the centre, passed exams largely down to the tutor putting things over better than the understanding I had previously, looking forward to week 5 Thanks


Mr Stephen B.

I’m privileged to have had such an efficient and knowledgeable tutor as Martin.


Mr Nick W.

Excellent tutor for both week 1 and week 5, friendly and very helpful through out the 2 weeks I have spent at Featherstone


Mr Robert G.

Steve has been very encouraging and helpful throughout the week which has been aided by his extensive knowledge and ability to pass this on to us.


Mr Krzysztof S.

Training this week has been carried out in professional manner.


Mr Mark B.



Mr Nathan W.

I have had a fantastic two weeks at the centre I look forward to returning and completing my next 2 weeks. the booking of the centre was poor had hardly any information mentioned to me on the phone the paper work I received through the post about the centre was more helpful. hopefully when I book my next two weeks I book in are not as bad as I was to book my first two weeks.


Mr Marcin B.

very good tutor. happy of the service level.


Mr Charles M.

I am so happy with the training and the tutors are so willing and available to help


Mr Hafeez Y.

a very hard week for someone who hasn’t done certain aspects of the tasks before. everything was explained and demonstrated very well and with crucial patience especially when mistakes were made.


Mr Paul B.

an excellent weeks training from an excellent informative tutor,i feel that I have learned a lot looking forward to next week


Mr Michael C.

very good week learnt a lot from terry good instructor broken down well


Mr Austin C.

Everything went well. I enjoyed the work even though some tasks were hard at first.


Mr Clive M.

It was my first visit, and the place was very clean and organised. Looking forward to continue my study here at ERR.


Mr Mohammad I.

overall a very good experience. Paul Agnew a excellent teacher an amazing teacher.


Mr Sebastien L.

the training week 1 was great,Paul was excellent.


Mr Christian L.



Mr Mihai S.

all things good , thanks


Mr Asen H.

Gary was my teacher this week and I want to say a big thank you for everything !


Mr Samuel D.

The centre is very conducive for learning and the tutors were helpful.


Mr Nicolae D.



Mr Sean C.



Mr Lee B.

very well manasged at he centre, good knowledge of tutors


Mr Vladko P.

best teacher ever



Mr Michael B.

had a great week steve really gave some good tip to improve my welds


Mr Vladislavs S.


Superb teachers with a extraordinary knowledge – customer reviews

Mr Ian O.

happy with everything


Mr Martyn R.

james was very helpfull had a good knoledge of what we were doing thanks


Mr Munawar H.

Excellent tutor


Mr James W.

Again another great week with John! Really learnt a lot with him and great practically.


Mr Peter M.

Very Informative, I learned A lot


Mr Duncan M.



Mr Richmond K.

The staff were friendly, and did not hold back to give me the help I need to enjoy my training. As usual, my instructor and assessor, Mr John Ryan was exceptionally good towards us all. He is a good man.


Mr Frank T.

I am happy with my tutor he is very man lovey


Mr Muhammad A.



Mr Dean M.

Enjoyed all aspects of Featherstone training centre.


Mr Alec T.

its awesome am enjoying every second of it.


Mr Jonathon S.

Mike was absolutely brilliant. best tutor


Mr Sam D.



Mr Lee T.

Very thorough with the finer details of the pipe work etc., knowledgeable and able to show where you have gone wrong.


Mr Andrew F.

Very enjoyable, positive and constructive week.


Mr Glen L.

Excellent the tutor made a laborious study week very humorous, thanks.


Mr Christopher S.

Martin is very professional, an excellent tutor and has made the course a pleasure


Mr Scott K.

great tutor and had a fab week


Mr Martin P.

great tutor as always


Mr Harkaranvir S.

I found week 4 very helpful with martin explaining everything perfectly


Mr Bradley D.

very productive week, tutor was excellent got me focused and ready for exams left feeling extremely satisfied and on track to complete my course in week 5. excited to return and pick up where I left off.


Mr Najah S.

thank you martin

he is helpfull man

very good treacher


Mr Steven H.

as always steve was excellent.


Mr Sean B.

it is great to come he and the effert steve puts in to is student is 5 star he make all the books more under standing and easy to work though thank you to all the guys here at err thanks from sean


Mr Andrew H.

all good


Mr Johnoye C.

great place to come and learn


Mr Mark G.

very happy with course thanks


Mr Stanislus M.

well the staff at the centre are trying in doing a good job. keep it on and up and thanks a lot


Mr Gurpreet S.

Great knowledge possessed by the tutor.

Technician was helpful and all the resources required to complete the tasks


Mr Zunaib A.

amazing week practical training was awesome and tutor was awesome


Mr Sebastian B.



Mr Innocent M.

Had an excellent learning experience. The staff were very profession and readily available to help.


Mr Darren S.

Paul came across as a good tutor who explained the theory well.


Mr Ashley L.

happy with everything


Mr Christian L.

Here for my weeks 3 and 4. Have completed week 3 with ease thanks to Sean, have been taught well and everything explained clearly. Don’t feel pressure when in the workshop as we have time to practice and to get the welds spot on before we do the test piece. cant fault Sean as a tutor. very happy.


Mr Francis M.

very good


Mr Attila N.

I have a great week again. Good way to practice for real life jobs. Julian is a great tutor. Many Thanks.


Mr Kehinde O.

I’ve enjoyed the practical training this week due to the patience and support of the assessor (Julian Bruton)and Chris (the workshop technician). I cannot but thank them enough and I’ve started to find the course interesting and look forward to learning from them the next time I@m around for a mop-up.


Mr Constantin S.

Thanks a lot for being supporting on my studies.



Mr Shazad J.

I think chris is great helper


Mr Michal W.

wery good teaching centere assessor exelent


Mr Richard B.

That Dave Rix is a top bloke. A true professional.


Mr Samuel D.

The staff and Tutor were always willing to explain every aspect of the training we didn’t understand. The practical made me understand the knowledge acquired from the theory lesson. I look forward to having my future training in this centre. Samuel.


Mr Dayron D.



Mr Aubrey D.




Mr Thomas C.

Paul was very helpful and really good at teaching in different ways to make sure everyone understood the course materials, both in classroom and in practical sessions.


Mr Pauliasi K.

Brilliant centre for training combined with friendly staff makes it more comfortable for new learners like myself to fit in and take in more information. I really enjoyed the learning as plumbing is something I am totally new to. I would strongly recommend the training centre to anyone who is willing to take up a new career. It is challenging but exciting at the same time. To actually see the result after doing an activity is amazing. As for someone like me, a new comer to the plumber industry definitely would consider plumbing to be my new career as it suits me.


Mr Ashley D.

Paul brock was very helpful and understanding as I find certain things harder to get Paul was very good at helping me find other ways. Very good course would recommend to any one


Mr Matthew E.

Thoroughly enjoyed the week. Tutors knowledge and tips were amazing and invaluable. Looking forward to coming back.


Mr Christopher S.

Very happy, Neal ran the course very well, and communicated his knowledge in an interesting and effective way. I am looking forward to returning for my next week.


Mr Gregory B.

Neal is an excellent tutor. What a star. He is able to explain all aspects of the subjects clearly and makes sure everybody understands the concepts involved. He is able to offer better explanations of formula and their application than the “college” material does. Brilliant. Fantastic job Neal.




Mr Gary M.

Neal is a great tutor who is always on hand for any help needed, an excellent tutor.


Mr Robert W.

It was pleasure having Neil as a tutor as he gave a warm and welcoming approach as well as encouraging when needed. His teaching techniques encourages you to want to learn and his easy going attitude helps in a tense situation.


Mr Alexander C.

The tutor was very patient, helpful, friendly. Thank you.


Mr Christopher B.

Brilliant service


Mr Andrew C.

John was friendly and knowledgeable, providing encouragement and assistance at all stages


Mr James R.

Great tutors, great knowlwdge


Mr Daniel F.

John was very helpful and knowledgeable


Mr Joseph B.

excellent trainer and very helpful with any questions you have. gives you lots of confidence and the classroom work was very helpfull


Mr Kris M.

really interesting week that has made me feel confident about the testing and inspection side of things. john was a great teacher and answered all questions in a way I understood


Mr Florin A.

Superb teachers with a extraordinary knowledge and very good and genious ways of teachink.

Im very happy with the last 2weeks can wait for the next one.


Mr Michael B.

good but hard week stephen does a great job but think he could do with some help on week six

Understand difficult concepts in a professional manner – customer reviews

Mrs Sharon M.

great week, thanks to John and Neal ,who were both fantastic , going to miss them both.

Thank you for everything !!!!!!!


Mr Yong Sung K.

Enjoyed the experience here with john. Very helpful and professional. Thanks for all your help! :)


Mr Oliver L.

steve realy knows his stuff realy helpful.. great teacher


Mr James P.

amazing place to learn still room for improvement, thanks and see you soon..!


Mr Robert L.

the tutor was very knowledge able and encouraging help me feel confident about my exams and refresh my practical knowledge. great experience.


Mr Traian T.

very good teachers, they helped me a lot to pas my exams.


Mr Luke W.

John was helpfull and willing to explain aspects if asked. Have learnt a great deal in the past two weeks, the training has been invaluable


Mr Thomas D.

John Ryan was really helpfull, and really helped explain things i was struggling with.


Mr Jonathan S.

Had fun, great week


Mr Gareth W.

Good weeks training. Delivered well


Mr Aidan O.

pleasure to work with. havent been 100% this week but john managed to get me through it.


Mr Vasile P.

i had a good time at centre the tutor offer me all the necessaire support .


Mr Jonathan B.

I had Paula B not James. Great 5th week.


Mr Harvey L.

Good week plenty of revision in books to pass relevant exams and good practical demos for pat testing


Mr Goran S.

it has been a good week overall. happy to go thrue and pass all exams. thanks to teachers and all staff for the help.


Mr Nathan S.

Vince was great, very knowledgeable and got everything done we needed to do. Was always available for questions and made sure we knew exactly what we were doing on the course and what we would achieve.


Mr Jagira S.

this is the end of my second week,and i am very happy with Vince my tutor, very knowledgeble, i look forward to week 3 and 4 and hope that Vince would be my tutor again.


Mr Kofi E.

everything is moving at the right direction


Mr Sukhjeet S.

The training centre staff were great and Vince the tutor was great


Mr Catalin C.

very good, vince doyle top man,top tutor.


Mr Aaron E.

gary is a good tutor always there to help if needed. ill be coming back the this centre because its ran really well and friendly staff


Mr Lorcan M.

Tutor and staff are very good and informative.

all round enjoyable experince.Tutor was very good at explaining tasks ect.


Mr Craig R.

very happy wiyh my training so far and looking forward to continuing with it.


Mr Omar L.

fun and intanse. love it


Mr Phillip D.

Again, some very good instruction and help.


Mr Muhammed N.

martin sharff is very very good teacher


Mr Charles M.

I really enjoyed my time there and the staff are nice and willing to direct us to the right part.


Mr Hafeez Y.

a very full on but organised week with great tuition and a successful climax.


Miss Lindsey M.



Mr Jason B.

great training


Mr Alan B.



Mr Lucas S.

excellent second week. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel I have gained loads of on hand experience. I would recommend it to other


Mr Deepak K.

very good training centre


Mr Kirk F.

Centre was helpful and courteous, training was brilliant looking forward to completing my course


Mr Krzysztof S.

Thanks Julian.


Mr Pedro M.

I did very well in this week ,I learning and pratice .

About the teacher their friendly and professional


Mr El H.

thanks for ifrre one I m happy for training wet sean is good man


Mr Stefan B.

Mr Sean dun is a very good teacher y am very happy to learn with him hi explain very well every things and teaching mi to weld very quickly and y say him thanchiu for every things


Mr Ali A.

Excellent tuition. First class tutor


Mr Vladas C.

Thanks for bussy week


Mr William K.

gary was very good, friendly and knows his stuff.


Mr Anish S.

Mr. Gary is excellent. Answered all my questions and doubts. He gave me great knowledge until I understand it. Great tutor ever….:)


Mr Neville N.

I am quite impressed with the course so far and would recommend it to some one. keep up the good work.


Mr Sean M.

Enjoyed my week. Bob was a very nice bloke. Explainations were easy to understand and advise was very helpful.


Mr Abass B.



Mr Syed S.

bob have good knoledge to explain


Mr Sundeep R.

My tutor Bob was very friendly and knowledgable. He made me understand difficult concepts in a professional manner.

Excellent overall experience – customer reviews

Mr Arsene O.

Vince is great he is very good man

Mr Miles N.


Mr Daniel R.

Vince is a great tutor, easy to get along with and very informative. Other staff are friendly aswell.

Mr Gyulen K.


Mr Mesut B.


Mr Robert L.

john got me through an exam i honestly thought i would fail.learnt alot this week both practical and on theory side of things.

Mr Lokesh D.

always good to have a tutor like John, great theory and practical, explained well

Mr Jacob C.


Mr Robert K.

tutor was very helpful and knowledgeable centre staff brilliant as always

Mr Craig R.

very happy with my time at the centre. the staff are friendly and proffesional and i will definitly be choosing wolverhampton for any future practical training.

Mr Lorcan M.

Staff and tutors are very helpful and freindly.

Tutor very good at explaining tasks ect.

overall center very good and it was an enjoyable experince.

Mr Aaron E.

yet again gary was brillant with me and the other lads. coming back here for week 5 cant wait, staff are really friendly ands polite

Mr Omar L.

i enjoy it and had fun

Mr Michael S.

Always a positive challenge that is backed up with good tutoring

Mr Tony D.

Was great to be able to have a tutor who understood my learning ability and made things comfortable and helped me to understand what I couldn’t understand with being able to manage things at a pace I can work at.

Mr Julian S.

The explanation of everything was really good and helpful, explained really well and the power points was really good, martin explained everything really well and I did pick stuff up

Mr Craig M.

Tutor knowledge was excellent both in answering any questions asked and making everyone at ease throughout the entire week.

Mr Phillip P.

Excellent overall experience in the centre. Really looking forward to attending all of the training weeks. Mr Sheriff was an excellent tutor.

Mr Karol Kryza, B.


Mr Joshua S.


Mr Daniel M.

Very impressed with the training and Martin, can’t wait to come back for week 2

Mr Luke H.

brilliant tutor learned so much that i will take awaywith me

Mr Kevin M.

Had a really great time. Learning was fun.

Mr Lunar B.

he knows a lot and teach me everything I need to know brilliant tutor.

Mr Thomas P.

enjoyed my training at ERR

Mr Ionel D.

As alwais, Bob and Dave were the best. Bob taught me a lot of practical things. Thank you very much for that!

I can’t wait to come back for the next practical week.

Mr Abass B.


Mr Carl E.

great teaching staff, warm and friendly welcome when I arrived, every morning things were explained on what we needed to do, print outs / worksheets were available.

really did enjoy my stay with Baslindon ERR.

Many thanks to all the staff for all your help.

Mr Marcin M.

Another good week in the centre. Have learnt a lot again.

Mr Jamie K.

nice friendly tutor, and staff were very helpful. overall not to bad, don’t be afraid to ask any questions. in general a nice place of learning and very nice and polite staff.

Mr Richard B.

My tutor, David, was extremely helpful and used his knowledge and experience to assist me on several occaisions. I thoroughly enjoyed my last attendance!

Mr Janos P.

fantastic week

Mr Sundeep R.

My tutor Dave was very helpful and professional. he made the learning experience enjoyable.

Mr Oliver L.

steve baxter was an amazing tutor realy helpful when I didn’t understand something. his teaching method is spot on and makessure you do everything to perfection. overall realy good experience learnt a lot this week from steve

Mr Mohammed S.


Mr Erikas S.

Steve was very supportive and helpful with all questions that I asked.

Mr Matthew L.

all brilliant

steve is an excellent tutor

Mr Raphael O.

Steve was an excellent tutor, very helpful and knowledgeable. Took his time for plenty of demonstrations and answered every question fully. Learned a lot an made good progress.


Great centre and brilliant staff – customer feedback

Mr Richard G.

Special thanks to Pippa & Laura who have been excellent once again, nothing is ever too much trouble


Mr Barrie H.

Excellent tutor and excellent staff i really enjoyed the week you make learning enjoyable


Mr Dean G.

enjoyed the training it was really good


Mr Michael G.

Steve could not have possibly been more useful throughout the week, instead of being told where I was going wrong at times, he advised as to where I needed to reconsider, ensuring I developed a deeper understanding of the task, also an exam I was set to sit next week down in Wolverhampton was organised last minute here so I didn’t have to take more time off, so hats off to the bloke! The rest of the staff I had any dealings with were all bob on too…

Martin’s still funny too


Mr John A.

Great centre and brilliant staff. Have enjoyed all the weeks I have done here.


Mr Cipriansel V.

Thanks a lot


Mr Jack E.

spot on training and facility wise

tutors are excellent


Mr Jamie A.



Mr Luke G.

high standardof teaching, very helpful staff and tutor


Mr Nurullah A.

good teaching


Mr Philip J.

Martin is a fantastic teacher. Helped on everything I needed.


Mr Luke P.

martin sheriff has been a great tutor again this week.


Mr Daniel C.

Mike is by far the best tutor at the centre. he explains things in a way that is easy to understand.


Mr Philippe P.

I really enjoy my time at the centre during all 11 weeks. Thanks to my tutors I have o good understanding of the plumbing reality and a better confidence on my self. THANK YOU.:)


Mr Ian B.

really enjoyed the whole course, great guys, terry, mike, neil and antony, hope to start level 3 soon


Mr Joshua S.

Again Sean was great. Very helpful, Very approachable. Had more time in the workshop this week which was great. Thanks.


Mr Pavol K.

I enjoyed this week, learned plenty. Sean was very helpful. I am looking forward to next week in centre.


Mr Kevin S.

Another good week at Watford College completed all the work tasks ,good advise and help from the tutors and the tech support .

would like to thank Paul,Pete and Chris for their help throughout the week.


Mr Adriatic F.

Peter Dawson was very helpful with the practical tasks and preparing us for the exams.


Mr Jean K.

all good love you peter and chris

thank you so much


Mr Mark R.

Peter Dawson was very friendly and thorough along with Paul Agnew , If there was anything that I was unsure about or was essential for me to know then they came up with the answers every time. Great Tutors and real credit to ERR along with the administration girls and office staff and Cris the store technician who are all great assets to ERR as make you feel very welcome and learning enjoyable.


Mr Brikeno V.

Julian was a very good assessor, very easy to understand. the explain he gave me where very helpfull


Mr Oumar H.

that was a brilliant week, all the task where explained properly thank you.


Mr Stanislus M.



Mr Janos P.

fantastic week


Mr Steven W.

Very useful week in catching up on various things and leasrning


Mr Samir R.

Happy Days


Mr Michael M.

Brilliant teaching and turtoring :DDD::D:D:D:D:D:D:


Mr Mihail C.

A good organised place where to learn and be assesed! Thank you!


Mr Daniel E.

dave was very polite and informative


Mr Robert P.

Dave is a very enthusiastic and engaging tutor.


Mr Paul L.

steve hoyle is an excellent tutor with a vast knowledge of welding. he explains everything really well and is very approachable


Mr Gihan J.

John was a helpful tutor

Did 5 online exams and all pass :)

Big thanks to John.


Mr John B.

excellent as always


Mr Glyn P.

given a task and told to get on with it is great. it makes the course run smoothly. having to wait around for stuff to be marked like in previous weeks really slows everything down. Thanks everyone at ERR


Mr Amin M.

I love chandlers southampton training centre all stuff and trainer polite and kindly I hope I can go head for NVQ3 here I this centre.

Pleasure to meet you & Many Thanks! – what our clients say

Simon V.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Justin Stevens commencing 28/09/2015

I learn a lots of things out of my text books and our tutor help me in every aspect of the study against theory and practical. I am very happy to the approach of my tutor and friendliness and co operation the staff in this training centre.


Gabriel P.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 21/09/2015

Many Thanks! to all the personel from EER training centre, Many thanks to Vince for beeing patient with us, was a pleasure to meet you and to have you as a tutor. Wish everyone all the best! Thank you!


Simon U.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 21/09/2015

Overall happy with the experience and I’m looking forward to future practical weeks, and I am exceptionally happy with martin sheriff as a tutor and hopefully will be taught by him in future practical weeks.


Sohail T.

Attended week 7 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 21/09/2015

I meet Richard Simacek first time and I found he is a wonderful teacher. He does have knowledge and skill how to communicate and transfer knowledge to students. I am very happy with him. Thanks Richard you are legend.


Benjamin H.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 07/09/2015

I am glad that I had John as a turotr as he explains things very clearly in a way that makes everything seem like common sense. Hopefully I am with him in week 3. I have spoken to other tutors whilst in the college and everyone was helpful, friendly and welcoming.


Aaron C.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 01/09/2015

as before my tutor paul brock has been amazing, he is able to answer all questions in away that i would understand and he is very knowledgeable and supportive. i would like to and hope to continue my studies under his tutoring. the rest of the staff at the centre were freindly and helpful. the centre itself was quite cosy and comfurtable but rest areas could be improved.


George R.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 01/09/2015

I am pleased to say that I happy with the course that I am taking and fully understand what is expected of me when I attend every week from the practical side and the paper based side of things. Also the tutors and staff of the chandlers ford centre are very helpful in finding solutions for me if I didn’t understand or questions I may of had.


Colin H.

Attended week 7 at Wolverhampton with Patrick Sheehan commencing 24/08/2015

I was very impressed with the level and depth of knowledge and experience of Patrick.Topics were explained in a clear and concise manner,which helped me greatly in completing my task a and b of my 303 assignments.Overall experience was excellent.


Andrew T.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 17/08/2015

Ian was a good at teaching the material that was set out for our week, any problems he was more than willing to help until you did understand it. Patrick was also helpful and approachable to answer questions as well. I think Ian has managed to get the best out of me this week and for that I am in grateful, as it has helped in my assessments and my exam.


Ugo I.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Joe Blower commencing 10/08/2015

I believe most candidates coming to the training including me, come with great apprehension and uncertainty. My confidence was boosted by Joe’s encouragement and his patience with me. I thoroughly enjoyed my week 2 and hope the rest of my training weeks ahead will be like this one. Thank you Joe and to the management of my training.


Max H.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 03/08/2015

Considering students were at different points regarding practical assesments and exams our tutor did very well keeping up with where everyone was at and always gave support when needed. Other staff members also gave support and were very helpful.


Saidina M.

Attended week 5 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 03/08/2015

I am very pleased with staff and students s interaction in the centre. They are friendly and professional. The place is very well organised and clean. I definitely want to do my level 3 here as well.


Simon A.

Attended week 7 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 03/08/2015

As i had the undivided attention of Ian I thought it may be an awkward week but it turned out it was focused and very informitive. The material is very difficult to learn in such a short period of time. The way Ian Deliveredit was thorough and clear which made life a little less painful on exams and assessments. Many thanks to Ian and all the staff at EER who were all friendly and helpful.


Matthew P.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 27/07/2015

Excellent week, training was well thought-out and learnt a lot more doing the practical than the theory. Tutor, Neal, was always engaging and encouraging and I believe was the key to an enjoyable week.


Matthew P.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 27/07/2015

Paul has been a massive help to me this week and I really do value his professionalism! Top stuff! Exam rules were told to us by Phoebe from the office..very clear and understood what was expected etc! top talent!


Randy N.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 27/07/2015

The week was a very good experience. Tom was extremely helpful with the tasks that required more personal assistance. He took the time to keep me calm and helped me to understand what was important.


Paul W.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 20/07/2015

A thoroughly excellent week. Tutor and staff were particularly helpful after I had to return to home area latter stages of last week. I was slotted back in adn given the time to pick back up with my acitivities. Thanks in particular go to Neil who invested extra time in making sure I finsihed all tasks before end of this week. Excellent Tutor with great teaching style put me at ease and encouraged me to leearn further. Very happy at passing 5/5 exams this week. A big credit must go to Neal. Much appreciated, Paul


Terlochan D.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 13/07/2015

I feel that Vince is an exceptional tutor with a lot of knowledge. His approach to learning is very enjoyable and learning time at the centre becomes very satisfying. Thanks again to Vince great teacher deserves a good pat.


Pavlo G.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 29/06/2015

i’m so pleased with staff of the center. them so friendly and helpful. my tutor Jonh Knox one of the best tutor i have so far. he’s so proffesional, friendly. i got answer to every question i asked him. he really helped me. BIG THANK YOU TO JONH KNOX and ALL staff of the center!!!!!!!


Roman K.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 22/06/2015

The Centre is perfect for me and i hope i will pass my plumbing course here i will try to put everything into it. The Tutors were brilliant with helping me to do what i should do. Hope i will see you soon

What our clients say – weekly update

Joseph W.

Attended week 8 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 09/11/2015

This is my forth week in Watford and the third time I’ve had John as a tutor. John demonstrates an excellent working knowledge of electrics and is always able to put this across to the class really well. John is a great tutor and I feel one of the best tutors at ERR.


Rowan R.

Attended week 11 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 02/11/2015

thanking everyone that helped me through to this new chapter in my life…special thank you to vince martyn julian mark paula joe.b gary and all the fantastic staff at wolverhampton ERR…wishing you all the very best….kind regards Rowan Ross


Joshua H.

Attended week 1 at Leeds Welding with Stephen Hoyle commencing 02/11/2015



Nerijus B.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Richard Simacek commencing 02/11/2015

i was very happy with this week, I completed level 2 course. Richard was very helpful and helped me a lot with 202 exam, and also with for this week GOLA exams and assessments. Richard is Brilliant TUTOR… Thank you


Silvino F.

Attended week 3 at Watford with David Wallace commencing 26/10/2015

This feedback is, in actual fact dedicated to Vincent Doyle as David Wallace was not available for our training. Very satisfied with Mr Doyle’s professionalism and straight-forwardness as well as his ability to lighten the mood of the entire class; Extremely energetic, providing an excellent working/learning environment. Could not be happier for having the pleasure to meet such a brilliant tutor.


Zakaria A.

Attended week 3 at Watford with David Wallace commencing 26/10/2015

don’t know who David Wallace is. I had Vince who was 100% for every thing; his behaviour his hospitality, his teaching methods they were short and precise. he kept every ones chin high. I will miss him a lot.


Randy N.

Attended week 3 at Watford with David Wallace commencing 26/10/2015

Vince Doyle was a very professional tutor whom made me feel comfortable while performing my tasks. Problems that I encountered were explained to me so that I could confidently make corrections where needed. His method of delivery was very good. I would not hesitate to be taught by Vince in future training.


Richard D.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 26/10/2015

i found the whole experience at the center very enjoyable and felt welcome i felt i could aprouch any of the staff with conferdence and leave with my question answered i have gained alot for my 1st week here and look foward to coming back


Sean C.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 26/10/2015

I thought that the Week 1 course was very well laid out and that the tutuoring from Ian Mills was excellent. Really felt a few eureka moments when certain aspects came together that has made me feel that I have now got a much better understanding than when I came in on day 1. I would highly recommend this course to others.


Laimis B.

Attended week 6 at Watford with Sean Dunn commencing 26/10/2015

Everything is organized perfectly. The Tutor qualification shockingly high. Excellent communication with the students, everything is very clear and understandable. Excellent practical advice. I am very happy. Many Thanks!


Jean K.

Attended week 2 at Wolverhampton with Gary Bailey commencing 19/10/2015

excellent week i am so glad to comlete week2 as i was struggoling for bending and mesurement i thank gary who really help me to achieve and to know all task 100/100 . i feel proud and like more plumbing and revise . thanks


John C.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 19/10/2015

Chandlers ford centre was an excellent centre in regards to number ratios and contact time with Paul the tutor.i found Paul to be approachable and very knowledgeable about work based situations. An excellent week where i developed more skills within a working scenarios.


Lloyd D.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Justin Dean commencing 19/10/2015

All the staff at the facility were very polite and helpful. Everyone made the experience as easy and stress free as possible. The tutor was very helpful and attentive towards the needs of all the people on the course.


John K.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Justin Dean commencing 19/10/2015

I found Justinto be an excellant tutor, very knowledgable, friendly and professional throughout the week. All centre staff were helpful and nothing was a bother to any of them. I’m looking forward to my next week.


Rafal K.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Paul Webster commencing 05/10/2015

Paul Webster is the best tutor as I ever had. His knowledge, attitude and impression about all of us as a trainees is amazing. Paul explain everything twice or more if we do not understand . He always is happy if we ask answers and he explained them to us very clearly . I am very happy for Paul support all the time .



Howard J.

Attended week 7 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 05/10/2015

My week 7 was a successful and productive one just as my week 6. My tutor has a true knowledge of the scope and very helpful in ensuring that we understand. Hope to get the same tutor on my week 8. Thanks for the good work guys


Nerijus B.

Attended week 3 at Watford with Justin Stevens commencing 05/10/2015

Justin Stevens was my tutor on this week as well, and I was very happy that he was my tutor this week. He understands my weaknesses and always trying to explain best possible way to make me understand them. very helpful and friendly. thank you


Lakhjeet S.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Richard Simacek commencing 05/10/2015

Richard has been an excellent teacher , his teaching skills are excellent, Communication is excellent, Efforts / willingness excellent, very helpful, subject knowledge excellent. I wish if he can be my teacher for the remaining practical weeks of course. Many thanks Richard for all you have done to teach me in week 5.


Michael S.

Attended week 4 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 28/09/2015

i have really enjoyed my two weeks in the centre. i have really enjoyed the practicals and the revision to the build up top the exams. i had 3 exams this week and passed 3. so i am happy with that. the tutours have been a great help and helped me with every enquiry i have had. so one happy customer . thanks


Pierre B.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Michael Nicholson commencing 28/09/2015

I am very pleased for the quality of training I received for the first time in my the true says,the beginning is always hard but experience will definitely come soon or later. thank you and god bless this centre.

“A great place to learn for the more mature student” & “good results” – see the reviews

Christopher N.

Attended week 3 at Watford with John Pett commencing 18/01/2016

John has been the best tutor that I have had, very helpful in explaining the tasks and what was expected from them. He was also very good in classroom, explaining everything and answering any questions that we had.


Jordan R.

Attended week 4 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 18/01/2016

always enjoy my time here staff and tutors at the centre are always happy and courteous. martin is a very good tutor whos knowledge is a great help toward this course, he is a key part of the team at err.


Daniel S.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 11/01/2016

another good week for me things were easy to grasp thanks to good tuiton and easy explanations. neal was good in explaining and helping to figure out where things were still to be sorted. Brilliant


Marcel H.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 04/01/2016

This week has been very good, Paul has shown us ways how to do things in the ‘real’ plumbing world. The group was spilt into 2 which meant we could get on and do our own this as everybody works at different speeds. I mananged to do all the practical very quick. Overall it was a great week with good results and Paul our teacher has been great.


Steven T.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 04/01/2016

This week i achieved massive amounts of practicals by being able to get on with it and haviong the tutor check and point things out as i was going really happy with what i ahve managed to achieved


Gavin E.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Richard Biddle commencing 04/01/2016

After a nervous start was made to feel welcomed and put at ease by the tutor. The tutor was very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand well done ERR Watford a great place to learn for the more mature student thank you


Daniel M.

Attended week 8 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 04/01/2016

John Knox who was my tutor, and other memeber of staff such as the admin team and centre manager,have been there to help me this week, and feel they should be commended for theyre efforts. I could not of asked for a better experience.


Martin K.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 04/01/2016

The time at the centre was very good, my course tutor Neal Rainbow was very polite and friendly. He made you feel relaxed and was able to answer any questions, also the managment team was very helpful. All in all very good service provided.


Andrew W.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 04/01/2016

I have had a fantastic week, happy to put practical aspects to the theory. Neil was professional and knowledgable and his teaching style was superb and informative. I’ve learn’t a lot this week, now looking forward to week 2.


Daniel S.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 04/01/2016

neal was very patient and very happy to explain several times so we were able to understand thie course. always encouraging and happy to show in order to complete the task correctly cannot fault the course or tutor


Joseph B.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with Steve Baxter commencing 14/12/2015

really enjoyed my first few weeks, hard as its all new and in a big rush as i missed a few days, managed to nearly catch up and completed a lot of tasks. received good handouts from tutor and look forward to coming back


Edgar M.

Attended week 6 at Watford with Paul Agnew commencing 07/12/2015

Very happy with my Tutor Paul Agnew, he was very helpful and explained things to me in a very nice a polite manner and made me understand things that I did not know as I have no experience in the real world.


Sean B.

Attended week 3 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 07/12/2015

once again, as was weeks one and two this weeks practical training was fully enjoyable and educational. Our tutor Mike’s knowledge is second to none and very inspiring. thanks again and I am looking forward to week 4.



George R.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 07/12/2015

I recieved great training throughout my week here at chandlers ford and anything that I didn’t understand was put across to me as a way I would of understanded which is excellent. I have also been explained how I can progress onto getting myself through the 202 exam and need to get myself some practical skills eslewhere. But overall I am happy with what I managed to achieve this week so thank you all for your help it’s deeply appreciated. Kind Regards George Rees.


Tracy W.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 30/11/2015

This week alot of information was given to us and most of it all fell into place as Pauls’ teaching methods really worked for me. I really enjoyed the group and the atmosphere. I feel I have really enjoyed everything we have done this week and feel I have gained great knowledge. All of this has given me confidence in myself to achieve any work that is given to me. Many thanks to Paul who has really encouraged me and helped me understand the areas in which I was not too confident in.


Ammar S.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Julian Bruton commencing 30/11/2015

corrina in week two was absolutely brilliant she explains things very very well, as I am just starting plumbing it is difficult to keep up but she has been a great help every step of the way I look forward to her being my tutor again


Ammar S.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Julian Bruton commencing 23/11/2015

I gained an excellent insight into the plumbing world the use of tools measurements, and much much more as it is my first time doing any sort of plumbing work, my tutor was very friendly and made me understand in the best possible manner I would of struggled very bad if it was not for him so I would like to say Julian is a brilliant tutor and would appreciate if he thought us through much of the course.


Rolando D.

Attended week 2 at Watford with John Pett commencing 23/11/2015



Thomas G.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 16/11/2015

I have to commend Pauls style and manner of delivery and supervision of the assessments undertaken, he put me in a very relaxed frame of mind which allowed me to think clearley with out feeling under pressure which allowed me to actually really enjoy this week and deliver a good standard of work throughout the week. I really hope that i get the same level of proffessionalism for the NVQ level 3 part of my course as this will really enable me to become a very compitent operative. Thanks for a great week.


Aaron C.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 16/11/2015

im very happy with my progress on this coarse and i find the centre very friendly, my tutor paul brock has been brilliant and im happy to have him again! i hope that by the time im ready to start my next few weeks that this centre is able to complete the gas training aswell as i would prefer to continue studying with paul brock!!