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I enjoyed every bit of my training – Customer review

Mr Valentine K.
thank you for helping me to start new carier


Mr William C.
Paul brock is a great person to learn from. he is very good at working at each persons individuels pace.Creating a good learning environment. Well one Paul.


Mr Aidan O.
enjoyable week martin made it easy to understand the workload that was needed at a steady pace.


Mr Michael J.
good lecturer . cant wait for week 8


Mr Richmond K.
I enjoyed every bit of my training. Martin and centre staff were extremely helpful


Mr Jack P.
Enjoyed the week. Could possibly have a couple of sofas in the break out area.


Mr Stelian S.
very pleased again with this training centre and with the people working here and because of their professionalism and their level of preparation I was successfully on passing all exams that I had this week.

many thanks to you all and see you on week 5


Mr Yaser M.
week 4 was a good week and all the staff have been very helpful. Gary has been a very good trainer helpful with all students. the training centre is fine and provide all you need.


Mr Jordan M.
Gary Bailey and the front desk team, have all been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the week


Mr Hamish B.
john had an excellent knowledge and experience


Mrs Samantha B.


Mr William S.
Vince is a great tutor and enjoyed he’s training very helpful when I didn’t understand some things.


Mr Magdi B.
glad to have Vince as my tutor again he is the best, his way of teaching is different and very interesting and he has got a lot of knowledge. always nice to learn and have a laugh at the same time.


Mr Lyuben G.
Vince is top teacher. Explain everything in detail and making sure we know what we do. Helpful and giving us all information we need.


Mr Jonathan W.
Jo was excellent


Mr Scott K.
Steve has a fantastic way of teacher and cant fault him for that.


Mr Alex W.
The centre is well equipped and the facilities very good.
The staff are very friendly and make you feel welcome.


Mr Luke A.
A good environment to learn and great facilities.


Miss Emily G.
Staff and workshop facilities excellent.


Mr Dikani H.


Mr Corey C.
Teaching was informative, welding bays and equipment are good for training in real world scenarios.


Mr Patrick T.
excellent tutor


Mr Joseph B.
both tutors john and pete were excellent and helped with anything you were stuck on


Mr Kris M.
as usual the information given by john was easy to digest and understand.


Mr Jack B.
Brilliant tutor, looking forward to coming back for week 3


Mr George T.
Steve has an extensive background knowledge on the subject which helps with the learning, and himself and Max are always willing to help.


Mr Brad H.


Mr Jordan W.
Training centre is spot on.

What our clients say – weekly update

Andrei S.

Attended week 1 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 20/04/2015

everything was explained perfect by the tutor he reminded me about the college time and how is to learn from the best, I really enjoined to ask questions because he explained it so well and I did not get boring. The best regards to you!


Kevin R.

Attended week 3 at Chandler’s Ford with Steve Baxter commencing 13/04/2015

steve was knowledgable, helpful and it was always prepared to help and encourage. although it is a distance learning theory course he was also able to fill in knowledge gaps or answer questions time permitting. Great week!


Alex H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 07/04/2015

As a former student at OLCI coming over to ERR I am so happy to have made the change. The staff and facilities are miles ahead of former training establishments. Staff are second to non and the course is excellent so far. Very impressed.


Abdul M.

Attended week 4 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 07/04/2015

Excellent support, advice and positive working with students. I have enjoyed week 3 and week 4 and feel more confident than in my first few weeks, the tutor guidance and support helps towards improving self confidence.


Abdul M.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 30/03/2015

I have enjoyed my training this week, thanks to turor support and continous help i’ve managed to complete week 3 with sucess, the tutors are always positive and always willing to bring the best and positive results out of students.


Tahir J.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 16/03/2015

Really enjoyed my first week of training and I have learnt more than I excepted from a brilliant tutor Martin Sherrif.He was really easy to understand and taught me a lot. Also very approachable and friendly.


Michael  A.

Attended week 1 at Basildon with Paul Webster commencing 02/03/2015

Anthony is very professional tutor,calm and patience to put one through work and study. Paul along side Anthony are both helpful. very organised and good people. I will introduce these two tutors to friends and family


Antony R.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 02/03/2015

The week with Martin Sheriff has been a great week very frendly and always takes the time to explain things as clearly as possible been a fantastic practical week looking forward to returning for week 3.


Gordon H.

Attended week 2 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 16/02/2015

David RIX is a professional teacher who has been able to aid me in developing to a high standard of ability allowing me to ask relevant questions to the course work and giving direct feedback to the question supported by examples. This enabled me to place all the information delivered this week into its correct procedural area.


Max I.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Philip Wood commencing 16/02/2015

very much enjoyed this week, tutor made sure that we had all information needed to pass through exams . had very good practical and ‘real world’ knowledge, making it easier to see how the theory related into real terms


Stuart M.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 02/02/2015

I have found the training very helpful and easy to follow. There was a time that I was struggling due to over complicating a task and Mike was helpful towards getting me back on the right track and spent some time after class to help talk me through my issue.


Kyle D.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Michael Nicholson commencing 02/02/2015

really enjoyed my time here, tutor was easy going and made things easy to understand even when it didn’t click first time and has good patience for us to get it right. looking forward to my next week of practical


Pavlo G.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 26/01/2015

i really enjoy this week. i will be really happy to come back for my week 3 here. im really impress with my tutor Martin Sheriff. my overall 10 from 10 for his hard work this week. thank you. see you next time


Robert H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 19/01/2015

Spot on centre/staff and great help with understanding the issues that I found difficult to get to grips with when reading in books etc. Patient tutor that explains problems in easy to understand English and is always happy to explain if not fully understood.


Nicholas C.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 19/01/2015

Martin is an excellent tutor who is very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, has an excellent sense of humor and in my opinion could not do enough for you. I have learnt so much more through this college tuition than in the months leading up to the college attendance and for that I would like to thank Martin. The way in which the theory is explained by Martin is so much easier to understand and any problems I had Martin was more than happy to help me resolve.


Andrew C.

Attended week 2 at Wolverhampton with Douglas Ferguson commencing 12/01/2015

Douglas and Pete were exceptional tutors very helpful they under took the training at each individuals pace Explained all aspects of the course content very well and always had a smile on there faces which has made week two for me enjoyable and very informative.


Darren G.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 05/01/2015

I had Gary bailey for the first time as my course tutor, who in turn was being assessd Vince. I feel Gary showed an excellent knowledge of the course material and answered all my questions to my understanding. Gary also gave clear and precise instruction for all my practical assessmenst. Vince also has a excellent and complete knowledge of this subject and was willing to help if Gary was busy with another student.


Jackson L.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Vincent Doyle commencing 15/12/2014

Iam very happy for all the ERR wolverampton.they are friendly all from sarah the manager to phillipa with the technic staff gary.vincent is one of the good teacher with mark, i will no miss to continue my training at this centre because of your generosity.


Krzysztof S.

Attended week 5 at Watford with Robert Ralph commencing 15/12/2014

Once again thank You very much for the training and possibility for me to learn and get wonderful practical skills in plumbing. Many thanks to Bob, Chris and Poul. You are wonderful team. Best regards to You all.


Lakhjeet S.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paula Blanchard commencing 08/12/2014

Paula has been excellent teacher. It has been wonderful experience having training in this centre. Experience at centre has been lot better than expected. Looking forward to come back for my 2nd week next year in January. Thanks to all at the centre.


Christopher B.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Paula Blanchard commencing 08/12/2014

Very impressed on my first week at the centre. Paula was on hand to answer any questions I may have had. Being that I already work in the industry I already had some knowledge of what we achieved this week. However there were some aspects that I was unclear on and Paula helped to explain things clearer and give me a better understanding. Thank you, looking forward to Week 2 🙂


Leroy T.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Martyn Thomas commencing 01/12/2014

I have greatly enjoyed my training,the facilities are very good and my tutor tommy crookston has been very help full and unstanding on my work and grest encrangement to do more thank you evryone for your help all the best leroy thomas …


Rishi P.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Raymond Worley commencing 01/12/2014

Ray the tutor was very helpful and encouraging he explained the tasks for the week well and helped us progress through both practicals and exams very well. The admin staff were very helpful with any enquiries we had and helped us as much as we needed.

Happy New Year 2017 – we are glad you enjoyed your experience

Christopher C.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 15/06/2015

paul brock is a fantastic tutor very helpful when help was needed i failed one exam not because of the tutor i rushed it as i needed to use the toilet facilities but when i did fail paul supplied me with the relevant material for revision which was most helpful and i passed the resit over all i am very happy with all of the centres staff and how the whole thing is organised i am looking forward to coming back for the level 3 and renewables and gas part very happy see you all soon


Michelle W.

Attended week 5 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 15/06/2015

i’m very happy with the way paul teachs, he has a wealth of knowlegde and he can explain things very well in diffrent ways for diffrent understanding. i would definatly recommend this centre and the staff here.


Stefanus F.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 15/06/2015

Neal is a exceptional tutor with a lot of knowledge and experience which I as a student benifited from, It was my first practical experience in the trade and your centre re-assured me that I chose a carreer in which I will excell and enjoy


Jack T.

Attended week 1 at Chandler’s Ford with Neal Rainbow commencing 15/06/2015

i have developed so much more knowledge and understanding thanks to Neil! he was excellent in explaining and teaching step by step throughout and was always there to help if you needed it!i have very much enjoyed my week 1 of practical training


David B.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 15/06/2015

another fantastic week. Martin is a great tutor and helps whenever he can. he makes learning fun and teaches in a way that helps you absorb the information quickly and easily……..can not wait for week 3 !!!!!


Folorunso A.

Attended week 6 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 15/06/2015

The tutor is well experience way in the he delivers the lectures, he make so interesting and easy to understand. I will personally recommend him further. This is my first time in the centre but he made me love it.


Daniel S.

Attended week 6 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 15/06/2015

I had a good time at the training centre this week. John is an experienced tutor with loads of knowledge about electrical installations and BS7671. He has put a lot effort in to teaching and explaining the course to the students. Thank you John.


Neil H.

Attended week 2 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 08/06/2015

I was impressed and happy with help and support received from tutors and staff particularly Tom and Julie in what was a hard week trying to catch up with exams I had missed last week and time absent I had to take on Wednesday.


Matthew B.

Attended week 3 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 08/06/2015

john is a very good teacher and he has a very good upstanding of were you are coming from when you get stuck on anything he helps you out has much has he can and I have a lot of time for him p.s john take care from testing boy hay hay if you no what I mean lol


Imy H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 08/06/2015

Very happy with the assessor/ tutor; I am very new to the industry and therefore had no experience whatsoever… the info given to myself was all in understandable terms would appreciate more time repeating the practicals to be more competent…ie wiring lighting circuit again


Cameron H.

Attended week 3 at Featherstone with Paul Webster commencing 01/06/2015

I’ve had more hands on this week and feel more knowledgeable about what we where undertaking. having broken down appliances in the classroom has really helped understand how they work and there part in the appliance itself.


Neil H.

Attended week 1 at Watford with Thomas McEvoy commencing 01/06/2015

The teacher showed great knowledge and made a good effort to ensure everybody got the information needed and the time to gain full understanding of each section and practical task and in a professional and friendly manner


Maurice B.

Attended week 3 at Wolverhampton with Martyn Thomas commencing 01/06/2015

The centre is well organised that I am able to start my training on time and there is sufficient time to finish work. The tutor explains well procedures and willing to help. I do hope that I will be able to complete my training well.


Krassimir B.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Ian Mills commencing 26/05/2015

Ian was fantastic.He is an exelent teacher and professional. During my training session I met some difficulties but Ian was always available and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the time spent at the centre.


Nuno C.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 26/05/2015

Mr. Paul Brook always keen to help everybody on the workshop and on the classroom.Short but very good week of training. Good feeling after this work week. Thank you to every centre Teachers and staff .


Peter N.

Attended week 2 at Basildon with David Rix commencing 11/05/2015

The second week of the training was fun again and really enjoyed it. Our tutor Dave has great knowledge and presented everything clear and also in a fun way. The other team members were also great persons. Overall experience is excellent.


Benjamin W.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

The quality of teaching was at a very high level, in particularly the experience of the tutor and his ability to communicate complex ideas as simple ones was second to none. I was also impressed with the practical facilities likeness to real world scenarios.


Andrew J.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

Martin’s style of teaching is what has made this week a very enjoyable one and I am looking forward to my next week in centre, the relaxed style of teaching is commendable and Martin is a credit to your organisation


Edward H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 11/05/2015

Martin has been a fantastic trainer, his knowledge is phenomenal and he puts the information across in manageable bite size segments. It is a very good learning environment and I feel as though I have really progressed this week. Very happy with my first week at centre.


Stuart N.

Attended week 5 at Wolverhampton with Gary Bailey commencing 11/05/2015

Excellent support from Gary this week. Always on hand to answer any questions and to guide when needed. My thanks to Vince also and to all staff who have always shown professionalism and offered great support. Many thanks guys.


Nicholas B.

Attended week 2 at Chandler’s Ford with John Knox commencing 11/05/2015

John took our group through the tasks in hand in a patient,enthusiastic and supportive manner. I felt I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience from this week-throughly enjoying the teaching in the process


Vaughn V.

Attended week 1 at Wolverhampton with Patrick Sheehan commencing 05/05/2015

I am very happy to be here I find practical very enjoying ,the staff are very helpful and my tutor help and explain to me things that I don’t understand. very happy to be here many thanks to every one.


Jennifer Y.

Attended week 4 at Featherstone with Neil James commencing 27/04/2015

Continuing from week 3 I managed to get further ahead and fit in more into the week than I thought I would. I was very happy with the training and answers Neil gave in preparation for the exams. I enjoy being at this centre even though it is far away and I would be happy to come back again for week 5.


Ian B.

Attended week 2 at Featherstone with Paul Webster commencing 27/04/2015

another good week in centre paul was very good again as he was in the first week i was over here last year in october helping and explaining different tasks where i was having difficulty all in all a very good and enjoyable week .


Hugo H.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

John and Justin (my tutors) for Week 1 were absolutely fantastic, they explained everything well and showed us the practical side of things equally as good as well. I now feel like I have a better understanding of the things in the coursework that I was unsure of


Simon E.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

I have found the training and advice extremely helpful and the assessors very helpful and extremely willing to part with any information requested, I would be very happy to be assessed by this team again and would like to offer my thanks for all they have done to help me on my way


Colin S.

Attended week 1 at Watford with John Bryce commencing 27/04/2015

The two tutors were both knowledgeable and keen to pass on information. Both had a sense of humour that helped the training to be a pleasure not a chore. I personally gained a lot from this week but have realised that there is still a lot to learn.


David B.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 27/04/2015

a very enjoyable week. a very thorough training week with a very qualified tutor and a very fun learning time was had. I was nervous about R1 and R2 tests, as there is only so much you can tread from a book but to be shown at a pace that suited me was very enjoyable and informative. I can not praise the staff highly enough. many thanks.


Allistair H.

Attended week 1 at Featherstone with Martin Sheriff commencing 27/04/2015

I found my tutor to be very friendly, engaging and helpful and he explained the course to me in an excellent way to which I found more understanding than I have with just my textbooks. I have definitely learned a lot from coming away from this experience which will be put into good practice in my chosen career.


Kevin R.

Attended week 4 at Chandler’s Ford with Paul Brock commencing 20/04/2015

Paul has a wealth of experience which he able to imapart clearly. He he was friendly and extremely helpful and made the course and learning enjoyaqble and invaluable. Great experience and useful moving forward to be qualified.

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The attention to detail is amazing – Customer reviews

Mr Charlie F.

I’ve very much enjoyed my first two weeks training here and I’ve got an understanding of the basics of pipe bending and working out the length of materials. It’s been challenging and tough at times but I’ve had a good time here and look forward to coming back for my weeks 3 and 4.

Mr Nathan P.

Gary is a really good assesor and helps with any issues you may have. really enjoyed the course so far.

Mr Bogdan N.

I was happy to be in here, very good tutor I will recommend this centre.

Mr Liam P.

top bloke

Mr Adam S.


Mr Ylber I.

the best tutor everything organise very good

Mr Nikolaos K.

very pleased with the practical centre facilities, the tutor is fantastic making the lessons being very interesting with lot of real life examples and fun. I had very good detailed training in the work shop centre the tutor seems that he knows his job very well and he can deliver that knowledge to me.

Mr David M.

This week was another brilliant learning curve for me. There were parts where I didn’t think I would understand but with Vincent I was able to counter any issues I succumbed.

My tutor Vince, has patients like a saint, never saw him sigh, roll his eyes, raise his voice or show signs of distress in a stressful environment, once again incredibly professional having time for everyone even if we were all stuck understanding the same question in different ways. I am really looking forward to my week 3 and week 4, see you guys soon!

Mr Aaron L.

john is a very good tutor with a lot of experience and has a very good teaching approach. i enjoy my time at the centre.

Mr George R.

john has an excellent demeanour and knowledge of electrics.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week and overall experience at the Wolverhampton centre.

Mr Peter D.

All in all very good

Mr Michael H.

Thanks to John and other ERR Centre staff, my week has been enjoyable and enlightening. I’ve not felt I’ve had to struggle with anything thanks to the support I’ve received here. Looking forward to week 3, even if John isn’t :) Mr Rofik Yafai, UV6306758V I had a great week this week especially working with John Ryan because he make sure that I understand things. if I don’t get it first time he will go over it again to make sure I understand it.

Mr Matthew G.


Mr Lea W.

James is a great guy really helpful and got me through a tough week great tutor well done

Mr Aaron G.

Good tutor hopefully will have James again

Mr Joshua D.

A good Knowledgeable tutor who knows his stuff, a positve experience for the week.

Mr Tinashe M.

The way the week was set up was great. We were prepared for the online exam and properly informed for the practical so we know and understood how and what we were meant to do. help was there whenever needed.

Mr Paul W.

A big thank you to James Brooks and training centre staff.

First class tuition and support from James during week 3 throughout. Knowledge gained from theory and practical was first class, absolutely enjoyed the experience from start to finish.

Many thanks James for the knowledge and experience gained.

Mr Richard C.


Mr Thomas M.

Martin makes the week fun as well as having the serious need to learn. Very knowledgeable and always helps if you have a question of any size.


Mr Gary S.

Staff at centre were excellent

Mr Jordon A.

Tutor was brilliant

Mr John A.

Great week, staff friendly and helpful

Mr Timothy B.

very good nice and relaxed

Mr Paul C.

Really enjoyed learning Jo and Mike chirping helped as well.

Mr Joseph S.


Mr Ricardo G.



Mr Ricky F

good teacher

Miss Kathryn S.

very happy with the staff and centre. I look forward to my next week.

Mr Velizar L.

felt happy to get back in this place everything is perfect

Mr Scott S.

Dave Rix is an exceptional tutor explains the tasks very well and is just a top bloke in general.

Mr Ivan I.

Friendly and very helpful staff. I am happy.


Mr Harmeet R.

Was interesting and any questions we had was answered

Mr Michael M.

training centre is excellent

Mr Arron K.

really good week

Miss Maxine T.

Fantastic tutor

Mr Callum R.

A lot to learn within a short period of time. However our teacher managed to get everyone from all different abilities to understand the requirements.

Mr Owen N.

excellent centre and staff

Mr Albert F.

John is an asset to err. very impressed

Mr Matthew P.

With excellent support and guidance I was able to sit 5 pass 5 exams. I would personally like to thank John Knox for being very supportive and thorough throughout my time at Chandlers Ford.

Mr Hussein C.

Steve was very helpful and enthusiastic.

Mr Ben B.

I really have enjoyed my 1st week. having studied the theory side of things for the past few years it is all starting to click into place. cant wait to get the next few weeks under my belt and slowly get on that road to changing my career. Steve has been a great help even though we all must have frustrated him at times.

The attention to detail is amazing as is the patience required!

Mr Lee F.

Steve was courteous and respectful. I felt comfortable with his tuition methodology.

Mr Brian C.

very professional tutor friendly and knowledgable ,when I was struggling to understand certain aspects he took the time out to show me, he made the course enjoyable

Mr Patrick T.

paul is a cracking tutor, gives you confidence and makes the course enjoyable, good atmosphere in the classroom, I feel as though I could work as a plumber after I get more experience. he explains what we need to know in a way which is not daunting. 10/10

Mr Alexander G.

paul was a great teacher and full of knowledge.

Mr Joshua V.

Paul was full of knowledge and I learnt a lot from him

Mr Daniel W.

Good week. managed to get all the work up together

Mr Sam W.

Once again the staff here at the training centre were very knowledgeable and helpful in both the classroom and the workshop.

Mr Samuel H.

very happy with my week at err I would recommend it to anyone who would want to study welding

Mr Abdurahman M.

It is really exited I enjoyed the time in the training centre.

thank you so much

Top notch! – Customer reviews

Mr Andrew F.

very good Vince is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. Respect

Mr Petar G.

Top notch!

Mr Adam P.

Friendly staff and an enjoyable week

Mr Muhammad Z.

I enjoyed this week well’ Thanks

Mr Frank T.

Thank you for help John

Mr Petr H.

john was excellent again

thank you very much

Mr Tinashe M.


Mr Sami M.

another wonderful week at eer Watford

my all tutors were up to the mark but I would like to mention Chris in work shop is out class. wonderful personality dealing with trainees and student I would like to appreciate his patience and effort. no doubt Chris is a valuable asset of the centre.

Mr Abdul H.

knowlegable tutors willing to offer guidance and help at every oppurtunity

Mr Richard F.

Once again the centre and the training was of a good standard. I enjoyed my time here this week and Steve was again very good in tutoring us.

Mr Arun V.

Steve is the best…nothing much I can add. but learned a lot under him. I would like to wish him great success in the future. I appreciate his effort to teach us a week before Christmas. Steve thanks once again for passing on the knowledge.

Mr Martyn H.

A tough week but with the help of the tutors I manage to get there in the end. Thanks to Steve for his guidance.

Mr Ronnie D.

its been worthwhile.

Mr Samuel R.

brilliant cannot fault

Mr Aaron C.


Mr Alex B.


Mr Dennis C.

I found the course to be informative and well developed the subject matter is in depth without being overwhelming getting through the course though would of been more difficult if it was not for the support if steve.hes a knowledgeable tutor and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand.having a support assistant in the class now has freed up his time and allows even more support my learning. id like to that steve for all he has done to help me through the course.

Fantastic centre, fantastic staff – customer reviews

Mr Mohammad I.

I am more than happy to have Paul Agnew as my tutor again a amazing friendly gentlemen.

Mr Jamie V.

Great centre, helpful and friendly staff. John is good at getting across the relevant information for the tasks at hand.

Mr Alex G.

excellent teaching skills and great explainations on subjects from john ryan

Mr Paul W.

Thoroughly enjoyed training week 2 from start to finish, Teaching and knowledge from John Ryan was first class in every respect.

A big thank you for the knowledge and experience gained this week, I am so impressed by it all.

Thank you to all staff involved too, found everyone so polite and helpful.

Mr Stuart F.

Another fab week at Featherstone, Thanks to all.


Mr James M.

Another brilliant week in Featherstone Mike and Jo both very helpful.

Mr Alec T.

your able to have a laugh whilst doing your work as well as maintain a professional approach towards the assignments. makes doing the course more enjoyable and make sure to let you know your improving and give any help when you need it.

Mr Richard D.

The training centre itself and staff are excellent, I’m looking forward to my next visit

Mr Orrin A.

Paul and Chris are really good and we learn a lot from them.

Mr Sami M.

I am here for week 3 and 4 and I have finished my week 3 training and I have no doubt to admit that the training was excellent specially the tutors paul and Christ are really helpful and available all the time

Mr Julian R.

Dave Rix is a wealth of knowledge and experience and makes things I did not understand understandable. all round good guy. I would not have passed without his expert help. thanks Dave

Mr Petar S.

Everything was organized to a very good level and my teacher was extremely helpful.

Mr Edward M.

great instructors which help in anyway they instructor help by giving us study sheets to do in our free time

Mr Thomas H.

Very pleased overall thanks again see you in January!

Mr Samuel R.

Brilliant, cannot fault, very pleased with overall time at the centre

Mr Owen N.

fantastic centre, fantastic staff

Mr Nathan B.

Tutors were very helpful and patient. Very calm with me when I ask many questions.

Would definitely recommend this centre – Customer reviews

Mr Waldemar W.

I really enjoy my week on Wolverhampton centre Gary brilliant tutor, great knowledge.


Mr Thomas G.

Good week Gary really helpful and explained information from PowerPoint presentations in an easy to understand way. All support staff really helpful during the week as well thank you girls.


Mr Goran S.

happy days


Mr Alexander S.

The staff at ERR are really helpful and supportive, thank you Mr Marian Rinja, PZ8208472V my first time in this center, but I felt as I always been here. The assessor gave as the right information we needed . all the staff very friendly . Was a very nice week.


Mr Mariusz S.

I am really happy this week ,I done new exams and full practice done. thanks Mr Lorcan McCormack, PB8208956V I’ve enjoyed my overall practical training at this canter. Gary is a excellent tutor. The staff are very friendly and helpful.


Mr Jonathan K.

A good weekend Exam passed.


Mr Darren N.

overall a good weekend


Mr Matthew L.

great tutor


Mr Andrew A.

Excellent tutoring again


Mr Christopher T.



Mr Brian H.

jo was top


Mr Tony C.

Enjoyed another week at the centre. All staff very helpful, particularly the course tutor Joanne. Thank you.


Mr Keith B.

very helpful they got me through the course. I have no complaints


Mr Gareth C.

another enjoyable week, jo was extremely helpful in all aspects of the training. thankyou.


Mr Maqsood Y.

very good .please with the outcome


Mr Ian G.

I have enjoyed my time here. It has been a very friendly atmosphere and all members of staff have been very helpful.


Mr Mohammad J.

great productive week 5!learnt a lot and the tutor was great. great knowledge and experience gained.


Mr Mohammed S.

Martin Sheriff is a credit to ERR. I look forward to coming again soon.


Mr Mark B.

great week


Mr Timothy D.

Great tutor


Mr Nathan R.

great week.


Mr Richard S.

All good!!!


Mr Christopher M.

I have found the staff to be friendly and I have enjoyed this week and the training that I have received


Mr Jermal H.

really good centre and instructor is good knowledgeable helpful and can explain and give help to understand parts of the course I struggled to understand first time


Mr Mamadou B.

over roll good


Mr Thomas H.

Steves knowledge is exceptional and this wealth of knowledge shines through as well as his enthusiasm for the subject. My test result of 57 out of 60 in the regulations is testament to his teachings.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him this week.


Miss Marie H.

the staff at the training centre who have been most helpful


Mr Pawel M.

Is was the best week during course big thanks for Steve


Mr Rhys P.

Always the best service that can asked for and Martin and Steve were the brilliant and helped me pass all tests and advised on areas I was lacking.


Mr Timothy B.

very enjoyable week Mike has a great friendly approach to delivering his sessions with under pinned knowledge very relaxed pace Mr Lee Dunn, RE4232239V mike was very informative and clear with instruction also very approachable and patient.

Thanks mike..


Mr Sean B.

It had been a long time since my first training and was apprehensive about attending the college. However the professionalism of the tutors and their approachability was excellent. The working atmosphere and facilities were also of a high standard. In addition to the workshop the learning and training packages given to the students were of a great help and without doubt greatly assisted me in passing my exams.


Mr Udo S.

Enjoyed this week of practical, will recommend this training centre. Friendly and helpful tutors and staff and great place to work.


Mr Gary B.

My tutor Mike was very friendly and easy going, he explained things in a simple fashion and helped my plumbing week 3 go much better than I expected, given my lack of hands on experience. NICE ONE.


Mr Ian C.

Excellent level of training everyone improved hugely as week went on


Mr Kristaps P.

Im happy 😉


Mr Anton M.

great teachers and very patient with everyone


Mr Nihal M.

I am very pleased be here and friendliness hospitality more important than other. thank you very having me here.


Mr Haroon Q.

very well everything is


Mr Daniel B.

Excellent staff. Again another really enjoyable weekend. looking forward to week 3 to improve my knowledge


Mr Gabriel C.

working already in the plumbing industry but I still got lots of things to learn and the tutors are great and very helpful


Mr Adam S.



Mr Velizar L.

nice to work with good training teacher


Mr Robert W.

Dave was very helpful.


Mr Donald S.



Mr Valentine H.

We had a very nice week and or tutor Dave was outstanding very helpful and explains everything in a simple and understandable way


Mr David F.

Another well presented week.


Mr Karim A.



Mr Ryan H.

I found that the knowledge of the tutor was excellent, all staff were friendly and helpful and I understood exactly what was being asked of me


Mr Andre R. everything was excellent


Mr Ben F.

all aspects of the training, practical and guidance were very good, and the tutor was very knowledgeable.  this first week has been very helpful and enjoyable and would definitely recommend this centre!


Mr Jonathan M.

overall I have learnt loads and understand plumbing sciences because of workshops.


Mr Rajeev J.

I learn different knowledge from my tutor.very friendly Tutor and students.we are discussing with together about our lessons.


Mr William C.

it was good


Mr Arun V.

Steve is very knowledgeable and was very helpful throughout the assessments. I have learned a lot and would try to put my knowledge into practice.


Mr Mark C.

its was very enjoyble


Mr Jordan H.

very good lessons this week


Mr Matthew D.

awesome time


Mr Aaron C.

very good, steve and max were very helpful, and guided me though all I needed to know

Great service and training

Mr Alexander S.

Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff menbers

Mr Ian G.

Very friendly atmosphere. all staff very helpful.

Mr Christopher M.

Gary was very helpful with everything I asked or help needed

Mr Andrew F.

Vince is a very clear and patient Tutor

Mr Ross C.

As before, my week 3 training was overall very good. Vince is a good teacher and will elaborate on information if asked and is very approachable. Jude has helped me on a few occasions too where I’ve struggled to find a parking space. All other staff always say hello and seem friendly too. All in all, a very good team! The centre itself is clean and well kept and has adequate facilities.

Mr Petr H.


Mr George R.

John and Jude were very welcoming and professional which helped me allay any fears and apprehension I had. I feel with there guidance I will succeed in my personal goal to become an electrician.

Thank you

Mr Rofik Y.

I had a great week. John Ryan have been really good with me and he explains things really well to make sure you understand what you doing.

Kind regards, Jamie Vining

Mr Michael H.

This week has been very helpful to consolidate what I have learned through distance learning. The in centre training has been exceptional and I look forward to returning.

Mr Paul W.

would like to say a big thank you to Jude, John Ryan and team for an excellent first week at the training centre. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience,training and friendly reception throughout from members of staff. Looking forward to my further weeks training.

Would highly recommend.

Kind regards,

Paul Wale.

Mr Matthew L.

enjoyable weekend learnt a lot great tutor

Mr Adam C.

enjoyable weekend and gained valuble knowledge from john

Mr Daniel C.

Very informative week packed full of practicals. Very well presented and excellent knowledge from john

Mr Darren N.

overall a good weekend.

Mr Joel H.

Another quality visit and lots of valuable knowledge gained. Looking forward to next week.

Mr Kyle E.


Mr Peter C.

A great week where a learnt a variety of practical and theoretical things.

Mr Robin T.


Mr Kevin M.

Nice stay. Happy with results.

Mr Lee M.

very informative.

Mr David H.

excellent tutor

Mr Michael C.

Martin the tutor was great. it was great to be taught be a tutor who wants to teach and wants you to ask questions.

Mr Usman K.

Mike and Joe are very big support. Very well explained and well organised all around.

Mr Mark F.

The whole experience has been very good and have really enjoyed myself. Looking forward to week 3 and 4

Mr John A.

another great week. Friendly and helpful, lots of knowledge to give out.

Mr Christopher L.


Mr David Balanica, PZ2041234V


Mr Sam A.

Really good week, lots of skills and knowledge learnt.

Mr Bryan W.

all staff are friendly and very helpful

Mr Mark R.

I attended week 6 at Watford and was fortunate to have such a great tutor as Paul Agnew all week. His knowledge and how he explained everything was a huge reason as to why I passed both my online exams this week. He is a real credit to ERR Watford and ERR Ltd as have learned so much this week and it has all been very enjoyable and loved every minute of being here. Once again many thanks to Paul and all of you at ERR Watford for making me feel very welcome once more.

Mr Jamie A.

Bob was very knowledable and helped a lot, even some of his jokes were funny

Mr Gazmend A.


Mr Robert W.

It was a very intensive week lots of information at the beginning , but as the week progressed the we manage tt get the work done Excellent time tutor was amazing and worked very hard with class

Mr Mark J.

Good second week.well organised

Mr Zoltan G.

Great week 5 learned so much, thank you

Mr Thomas C.

Very good course again. learnt even more and now onto level 3.

Mr Benjamin W.

Great service and training at ERR Ltd.

Mr Christopher S.

Steve is a great guy we always have a laugh

Mr Jaroslaw S.

Thank you for your guidance, I gained some new tricks of the trade. Well spent tine.

Mr Christopher B.

The training was brilliant

Many Thanks to John and Steve

Mr Daniel R.

Thanks for putting up with me and for the reassurance I needed, it’s most appreciated.

Mr Adnan K.

I am very happy and delighted because of the centre staff and teachers are very friendly and helpful.


five stars

Mr John T.

Thank you for all the help and support throughout my time spent here. Great friendly staff

Mr Albert F.

Steve is a very efficient, patient teacher who is a credit to ERR,

Mr Joseph E.

Everything was good

Mr Timothy H.

Steve is a very good tutor with a great deal of knowledge

Mr Michael B.

A really good week all round

Mr Guntars T.

Good centre, enough space

Mr Neville M.

The Leeds welding centre is brilliant and I enjoy learning here.

Mrs Kasifa P.

The practical have been well organised all materials were there and we were given time to complete our work, the Tutor is very knowledgeable. I am pleased with the practical training.